Thursday, May 13, 2010

This demonstration gig is really becoming more work than I had originally thought. Not that I don't enjoy it because I do, it's making me stretch creatively and it's making me work very hard at juggling the "creative" life and the "real" world.
Example; I have a 3 children, my youngest is 23 months old. I'm not sure if you remember what having a 23 month old was like?
While I adore her immensly, she is a terror! Crafting is like trying to be an octopus, constantly taking things out of her hands and out of her reach, trying to distract her or give her scraps to play with.
Chelsea always goes for my Gypsy! If she is near by when I'm working on it she always tries to tap on the screen. This is not good when your trying to get placement on your mat or trying to create a shadow and *blip* something is missing or moved.
A clean house? What is that? My little tasmanian devil can make a cleaned up living room look like a cyclone hit it. Dinner? Dishes? Crock pots or Daddy do the dinner and dishes get done by Mr. G.E. I just then need to remember to put them away.
I'm finally putting my creative thoughts on paper so to speak and I'm enjoying that, the people who have seen my simple creations enjoy them at the demos.
This weeks theme is "graduation", I have made a graduation hat card and made a small sign that congrats the graduates of 2010. Now I'm off to make a cute scaled down congrats banner to go with it.
Tomorrow and Saturday I will work with my Cricut Cake to make some grad hats and decorations for Sunday's cake demo.
I'll post pictures when I'm done.
This morning I received a call from my MIL and she came and picked up Chelsea for the morning! So I've done a quick straighten up and I'm about to go run the vacuum so that I can go back to making my banner and be done crafting for today!

I mean really, how can someone so cute be such a terror?!

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