Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well summer vacation has officially begun..Yeah...for right now.
I'm playing catch up and realized that I never posted pictures from the roller skating fundraiser. Yeah I suck, I know :) Let me sum up the night quickly for you.
Me and the kids rented skates, me knowing full well that neither of my kids had EVER been on skates before. I lace up the kids and then get my skates on. Wyatt is all for it. trying to roll but ends up on his bottom. Kelly, we get her up and almost immediately goes right back down. Wyatt is my crazy man, he is game for almost anything, except he is a picky eater.
Rob is trying to help and I'm trying to give some advice on how to stay upright. the one thing I kept saying was try to walk in the skates not roll, at least until they can get more comfortable. Wyatt was cool and kept yelling,"I'm doing it, I'm doing it"! Kelly on the other hand didn't want any help and said in no uncertain terms that she could do it on her own. After 15 minutes she was all upset and wanted out of the skates. Wyatt ended up taking on full turn on the rink and could not focus his attention long enough to stay upright for very long. Wyatt was way to busy watching everyone else skating around him so I ended pushing him while he leaned back toward me.
After about half and hour Rob decided that he was going to get some skates on.
Now Rob hasn't been on roller skates for 20+years. I think he did a great job.
Unfortunately I didn't get a single photo of him on the rink but I got one of him lacing up the skates and on the side of the rink talking to Kelly.
Wow, what a blast. It brought back so many happy memories. Toward the end of the night, besides my legs starting to turn to jello, I actually participated in a skating race. There were 6 adults, 4 women and 2 men. I took second. Rob wiped out in the second turn. I wish i had a photo of that! 
We declared that we would try to come skating over this summer since we enjoyed it so much. Even ms. Kelly after all her attitude and grumbling said she had a good time.

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