Friday, July 30, 2010

Have you ever had one of those days were you just need to get out of the house and do something creative or fun?
That was me this morning.
I sort of waited a bit late but the results..ooh
For the last couple of years I have taken the kids to this park not too far from our house.
It has this pretty gazebo with a blue metal roof and I just love to take pictures of the kids there.
I believe this is the second time I have taken Chelsea.

I let the kids play for a while on the equipment and snapped away as I could. Then I tried to get group and individual photos of the kiddos.
I'm so happy with the results.
I'm half tempted to take them again either later today or earlier tomorrow morning. The light/ shade is wonderful.
The cutest thing was that Chelsea wasn't sure how to get on the playground equipment. Once I showed her where the stairs were she was off to explore!
Kelly and Wyatt have always enjoyed this park and I just really like all the photo opportunities :)
Now we really didn't stay all that long (even though it felt like it) because it is very, very humid today and just sitting in the shade makes you sweat.
I brought water bottles and my gypsy thinking the kids would want to play longer but we all were in agreement to come back when it is a bit cooler.

So being the mama-razzi that I am, I chased the kids around trying to get some decent photos of them playing. Chelsea followed Kelly all around the playground and when Kelly sat so did Chelsea. I got a couple of them together.
Wyatt on the other hand is quite hard to pin down but I'm extraordinarily happy with two photos that I got of him. Oh I want to frame these.

This first photo was taken in the gazebo.
I love my Wyatt dearly but the boy has some squinty eyes, and to get him to look at the camera long enough to get a picture is a struggle.
So to get this one shot I was so happy.
I love the catch lights in his eyes.
But the next photo is even better.
I just wished I had composed it a little wider.

You can see the dappled light reflected in his eyes.
Oh and this beautiful tree.
I love the bark on this tree.
Oh what a natural prop. I plan on using this one more.

For the life of me I couldn't get Kelly to lean against the tree.
She was so afraid that an ant would crawl on her.
So here is her shot next to the tree.

Not my favorite photo but funny cause she is giving me a hard time.
But I like the one in the gazebo better.

Much nicer.
My girl is growing and changing so fast.
We found out this week who the kids have for their teachers.
Let's say I'm very happy with both of them.
I'm also super excited because the school is going to start a school band!
I've been talking to Kelly about what instrument she might be interested in learning to play.
First was a trumpet, then violin, drums and now we are not sure.
That's OK, she can learn them all!

Occasionally when I'm taking photos Kelly wants to take pictures too. So with some special instruction, i.e. camera strap must be around her head! I will let her snap some photos.
She got one of Chelsea that is fantastic.
Check it out

That tree that has the cool bark?
Well it also has a thick limb that I could lift Chelsea and Wyatt on.
I tried to lift Kelly but the height of the branch combined with Kelly's weight I could only get half her butt up there. lol
I will bring a step ladder next time.
Anyway, I'm holding Chelsea by the belly and legs and Kelly has the camera. She snapped two pictures.
This is the second one.
I can't wait to get these printed and framed for the living room. (knowing me that will be months from now but I'm trying to do better)
I really would like to get one of Rob and myself by this tree, or in this tree and also us in the gazebo.
I might let Kelly take the shots.
p.s. If I remember I'll post some shots of previous years at this park and some photo comparisons

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Anonymous said...

Hey Daughter,
Thanks for giving me a heads up....great pictures and Kelly, please cooperate with mommy on taking these, you too Wyatt. Nina loves seeing these and doing it this ways gives your grandpa Percy to see all of you. So smile and help mommy do these.
Hey Carrie, I do believe you have competition in the photo department, Kelly took a super good picture of Chelsea.
I am so excited about band, I had always hoped you would stick with it, and for the life of me I can't remember why you quit...please refresh my memory.
Looking forward to the coming year, our little ones are changing sooo fast. Before you know it, they will be tweens!!!!

Love to you all
Wait, wait Carrie can I get my school photo's from last year before I go ahead and get this years.......