Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Oh what a weekend!
Sunday night we went to the La Paloma country club golf course to see one of the several displays of fireworks in our town.
I ended up taking 198 photos and I went through them this morning and I like a little more than 40 of them. Not bad really.

Then I had a learning experience. I went to flickr and saw how other people take fireworks pictures. Lots of beautiful city scape's with fireworks. All I have are the bursts.
I'm not complaining at all.  I swear.
Where we were at there really wasn't a view.
Plus, I needed to work on the burst pictures.

 The next time that the ball park has firework Friday night I have had plans to shoot from the entrance of the ball park with the fireworks over the stadium.

Funny story Sunday night. We get to the greens and see a nice area where we can spread our blankets out. We all sit down and realize why no one else was sitting in this prime location.
It was soggy wet.
I'm saying that we all looked like we had wet ourselves.
It was so funny.
After the show we folded up our heavy, saturated blankets and began the long walk back to our cars.
We left a trail that anyone could follow. Our blankets dripped a steady stream all the way.

Yesterday Mom and I went and saw Eclipse. There was this other mother- daughter behind us.
so you know how a movie starts and it's a bunch of previews. Then the movie opens with a rainy street scene.
The mom says," I wish the movie would start".
Now she isn't a quiet woman.
I whisper back,"It is the movie".
The poor daughter spent most of the movie telling her mom to be quiet.
The mom was one of those people that make comments, or ask questions ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!
I was even shushing her.
It was funny but annoying.
Heck, I didn't eat any of my popcorn because I was afraid of making too much noise and missing something.
After the movie was over Mom and I made jokes about that woman and her poor daughter.
I'm not kidding when I say she was the only noisy person in the whole theater and she sat RIGHT behind us. UGH :)

The movie by the way, was really good. Yes, I would see it again.
After we left the theater Rob called to say that their movie had also just gotten out and would we all like to have lunch at In-n-Out?
Mom didn't, so she dropped me off and headed home.
We missed her at lunch but we had a nice time at the restaurant.
Afterwards we came home and just chilled out.
The perfect ending to a very lovely holiday.

Oh and I discovered something pretty cool Saturday morning; we have a baby finch!
Part of me is super excited but then I realize one baby could easily turn into 3 more babies and the circle of life is going to get crazy in that cage.

Here's to a beautiful week and hopefully a return of the monsoon and lightning photos!! YEAH!!!!



Anonymous said...

Good Morning Everyone

Well, I like these pictures. But someone told me the other day that alot of people go to higher ground and take pictures over the area where they are being released, sounds interesting and could make for some good photos.

Eclipse was so good...I'm ready to go again...without the chatterbox behind us.
I mean....really, she just wouldn't shut up. Of course if you haven't read the books, maybe you would have questions...BUT please wait until after the movie, Please!

It was great, good movie, spending time with Carrie, a good ending to what for me was a really great weekend. I don't get too many of those, not to mention being reminded by a certain someone welcoming me to "senior citizen" discounts. Hey Mike, I REALLY don't consider myself a senior citizen...too damn young.

Off to work, the sun is shining and a hope for a great day.

Stay cool everyone


scrappyRN said...

Love the pictures