Thursday, July 08, 2010

Right now

Right now I'm sitting at the computer desk and taking glances outside.
Right now I'm wondering if we are going to get a thunderstorm tonight. (oh I hope so)
Rght now I'm thinking that summer vacation is flying by and we haven't done anything memorable.
Right now I'm debating if I should let Rob throw me a 35th birthday party next month or save the money towards buying a new camera lens. Canon 10-22 (crap, the price has gone up!)
Right now my kids are watching black and white cartoons on DVD (Betty Boop, Felix the cat, Popeye)
Right now I'm wanting to scrapbook but don't want to haul some stuff out to the table and make a mess.
Right now I have a basket of laundry to fold, and I'm most certainly procrastinating.
Right now I have a fussy 2 year old who needs a nap.
Right now I just did an impromptu photo shoot of my rug rats.
Right now I'm drinking a can of coke and it's covered in condensation. Makes me wish for a macro lens.Canon 100 mm macro
Right now I've uploaded the pictures and almost all are a bit blurry. Oh well it was fun.
Right now I'm going to ...
P.S. speaking of parties, I love the ideas from this blog and always wanted my parties to look like this.
Hostess with the mostess I particularly like the chic to colorful party theme. I love color!
But, do I have a party, a one time thing or new camera lens that lasts me (hopefully) years??
Seriously I'm torn. What are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so right now the kids are watching Pricess and the Frog, but Ms. Chelsea ia being a terror.
Oh Well,
Now, onto your question......daughter, IF Rob did not throw you a huge party, would the money stay put for your lens OR would you end up spending it on scrap stuff??? I only ask because I know you very very well. So think about this very strongly. You could put off the party and later have a big "40's" bash. Or go ahead, have the party and hope and pray that you can still get your lens at some time.
AHHH, such are the questions of life.
Good luck on your contemplating