Thursday, August 05, 2010

If you've been in a store lately you know that it's back to school shopping time!
Yeah!!! Boo!!!
I took the kids to Wally wold to pick up some school supplies this morning. We got there about 7:30 and thankfully there were no crowds to fight.
It's crazy some of the supplies that the teachers are requesting. Well not completely crazy but still
the list included, paper plates, forks, spoons, cups.
Of course there is always the Kleenex, paper towels and hand sanitizer. That's a no biggie.
This year instead of getting the kids the boring folders I went ahead and let them pick up ones that are more their tastes.

Kelly needed two folders and Wyatt needed three. The choices were pretty minimal but they both found ones that they liked.
They also got to pick out what color some of their other items are; rulers, calculator, pencil sharpeners, pencil boxes.
Combine all this with what my mom has purchased they both have lots to take in.
I'll bring the general class supplies on the Friday before school starts and hopefully the teachers will take them off my hands otherwise the first day is going to be a little more crazier than usual.

On the way home from the store I asked the kids what they wanted to do next. Kelly says, lets go home and lay all our stuff out and take a picture!
That's my girl!

This is most of Kelly's stuff, we just need to put her name on the things that go in her bin and her name on her bin. Sigh

I love shopping for school supplies and this year I bought myself a new notebook and a pink clip board.
If I had a craft room I would have picked up a couple of more things.

Wyatt's collection, well most of it anyway.
He is so super excited about going back to school. I told the kids yesterday that we were going shopping this morning.
Wyatt misunderstood and thought that after shopping we would be going to school. Not yet dude. Soon enough.

Normal craziness around here. I've been sick since Sunday. A cold/sinus allergy thing. So far today is better. Plus getting the kids ready for the new school year. Then the craziness of my demo job.

I need to do some more research for our family vacation at the end of the month. There was a change in plans with my job and I'm not working as much as I had planned. So now I need to make sure that for the activities that we want to do we have the money to do them. Thursday we drive up to Flagstaff, Friday is the Grand Canyon, Saturday is Meteor Crater park, maybe Slide Rock?? Sunday we come back home.
Yep we need to do more research. Driving directions, park costs, restaurants.

Right now my yuckiness is kicking up and making me feel so tired. I really need to go straighten up the living room and kitchen before my new demo kit arrives and I can play.
I start demoing at Best Buy this Saturday, back to  Michael's on Sunday. Our company is sending me a baby bug and some supplies to make samples for the BB demos. I haven't used a baby bug in years.
I think I'll take a nap first.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so you got lucky. Not having to fight crowds.
I'm just glad the kids liked what I bought. Since this was the first time that I did do some of the shopping...instead of handing over money I got to see exactly what you have to purchase each year...yea gads

love you