Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Total randomness
I love how much these three have grown over the summer.
There's hope for them yet :)
They have really begun to gel as a kid group to some extent.
Wyatt and Chelsea have eased up on the fighting and are helping each other out and of course big sis Kelly is always trying to be the bossy mom to all of us.
Now by no way am I saying they are great and perfect but when I look at last summer and compare to this summer.
I'm so proud of them.
You can say it was only a matter of time but in some families the youngest sibling can either be doted on or ignored. I wanted them to just be a member of the family. Because Chelsea is the baby I don't want her to be treated differently then K and W. On the same hand I don't want Kelly to feel she has to take care of her siblings because she is the oldest. They all have responsibilities.
Wow, this was so not what I was planning to write.
This past holiday weekend (Labor Day) we took the kids to Denny's for brunch. Because the restaurant was so busy we were seated in this extra room by ourselves for most of the meal. We had this beautiful light coming in from the north windows that was just lighting up the kids eyes and I just had to play.

When I say how happy I am with how much they have gelled together it was mainly because of this photo. Chelsea and Wyatt looking at each other with the same face.
Chelsea is a ham, at the dinner table she tries to make the others laugh and her newest trick is to blow bubbles in her milk and giggle hysterically.

Anyway this week is pretty much going to be random pictures of whatever catches my fancy.
From getting down low, to finding photography challenges to try.
I'm wanting to spread my wings and learn and relearn some new/forgotten techniques.
Through all the silly face pictures Kelly never changed her look!

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