Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What do these things have in common.
4 clay pots, 5 plants, tree roots, fabric liner to the porch swing, gas hose to the grill, igniter wires to the grill, Wyatt's bicycle seat, streamers and handles to Chelsea's tricycle, the computer on the elliptical, the tension strap on the elliptical, the gas hose to the smoker, the power cord to the rotisserie, the cord to my mother in laws pressure washer, little people toys, a box of books, my doormat, a vinyl bar stool, 1/2 a bag of dog food, a few squirt guns, part of the potato bush, the water hose and sprayer.
I'm sure there is more but this is what comes readily to mind.
So what do they have in common???

In the two months we have had her this is just some
of the damage she has caused.
It is with a somewhat heavy heart that we have asked her previous owner to find her a new home.
It also looks like she will be with her new family tomorrow night.
This decision has been really hard on Kelly and not very easy for myself. I feel like I have given up on loving this dog because of her destructive nature. The sad part is she is such a sweet dog, she does fantastic with the kids but the last couple of days I have caught her with her paws on the table and the counter trying to get food. Now before you start saying I'm not feeding her enough, she gets 4 cups of food and treats everyday. She is not underfed, in fact she has put on some weight since we got her.
But I can't afford to continue replacing the items that she has chewed up.
I refuse to live with my stuff locked behind a gate so that she can trash the yard.
See once upon a time we had a dog yard, but when our last pet, my beloved Chester past we decided to make Braxton an indoor dog and turned the dog yard into the kids playground. This way Brax couldn't pee on the wood play set.
Anyway, we feel that it is Lucy's best interest to find a new home. It looks like she will be going to a great guy and we will wish them the best.

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