Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As I continue to play catch up here are some more of our activities.
One Sunday after church we headed out with friends to Madera Canyon for lunch and a short nature hike.
I had completely forgotten how long it takes to get to Madera Canyon. It seems like forever but it is such a nice place to go. We had hoped to see some of the fall foliage but where we were at nothing had changed yet. Later last week someone had taken a photo from the Canyon at a higher elevation and the trees could rival the east coast.

Last Thursday I came along as Kelly's class took a field trip to the Biosphere 2.
What an accomplishment. There are still experiments going on, and it fascinates me that people lived here for over a year without coming out.
I wonder if I could do that?
I love field trips but man, I always come home tired and with a headache.
Those kids have tons of energy and are smart as whips. I think they enjoyed walking around and seeing all the different zones. My favorite spot was the lung. This room where every morning the heat causes the ceiling to rise but if you open a hatch the ceiling comes down, and it only takes 4 minutes for the ceiling to collapse. Our tour guide opened the hatch for a minute and we saw the ceiling begin to descend. Then as we exited out we entered into this windy outer shell. You would never believe that wind whipping around was from the lung exhaling. Our guide then directed us through another hatch to the outer world.
So cool.
Now it hasn't all been pure craziness, well wait... yeah it kind of has.
Chelsea has learned to take off all her clothes including her diaper. One evening she grabbed a pair of sunglasses, took off her glasses and was playing around. This was the another use she had for the sunglasses. Silly kid.
Chelsea has also learned how to open the fridge, unlock the front door and get into more trouble then anyone else in the house.
Her language skills are constantly amazing me and she is becoming a proficient mimic.
This little girl is putting me through my paces and I don't know whether to hug and kiss her or strangle her sometimes. Thank goodness she is so cute!

Three times a week we enter the soccer world. Two days of practice and one day of games.
Wyatt had a great game last week. His team the Dragons still lost but they were much improved over their first game, and this time Wyatt didn't cry! Toward the end they gave Wyatt a chance to be the goalie. The other team score 2 goals off him!! It's okay, they had a good time.
This weekend we have Wyatt's game first and Kelly has a double header. A long morning indeed. I planning on taking Chelsea to Grandma's because there is no way I can keep her occupied for 3+ hours of soccer.
I'm almost caught up with my update.
Kelly received her uniform last Friday, it's cool, but I'm waiting for this weekend to take pictures of her and of her playing. I also need to take photos for the school yearbook.
The kids are on break this week so we are working on cleaning our rooms and just relaxing.
I don't know if it was the weather or how busy I have been but this past weekend knocked me on my butt. All I wanted to do was sleep. I had some allergy issues but mostly it was just being so physically tired. I skipped church on Sunday and pretty much slept the morning away.
I've felt better since Monday and hope that it continues. I have lots of creative plans and need all my energy.

One more post and I'll be caught up!

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Anonymous said...

You know Carrie, I remember going to Madera Canyon when mom was alive. Sunday mornings we would pack up coolers and head up there for eggs, bacon/sausage and our famous pancakes. And I guess it still has too many memories for me, I just can't go up there. I tried once and it just hurt too much...I miss my mom.
So, I'll stay in the valley, or find somewhere where there is not so many good memories. And besides I know you all had a good time, even without me there.

Love to all