Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I was surfing some blogs and came upon this great idea the Scrappin' Cricut had. I showed it to the kids and they were immediately on board. We ran up to Michael's and grabbed some buckets. Heck they were only $1. I had some Halloween ribbon but of course I was going to need more, right?
Came home and brought out my cropadile to chomp some holes around the rim and then we started cutting the ribbon.
I started the first bucket to see how difficult threading the ribbons would be and then I let the kids do their own. Even Wyatt threaded his own ribbons. Once we got them all done they sat on the computer desk for a couple of weeks as I hemmed and hawed my way up to cutting vinyl.
I know it is easy. I was more afraid of making a mistake and wasting then anything else.
So last night I finally took the plunge. My creative juices were running. The kids and I decorated the living room for Halloween and we made some day of the dead skulls and taped them to the window.
Anyway, I had the kids pick out from the Pumpkin Carving cartridge the design they wanted and I put it on my gypsy. I then took Happy Hauntings and made their names.
All of this fit on one sheet of 12x12 vinyl, thanks to my gypsy.
The kids are super excited about their buckets and it should be easier for them when they go trick or treating. Plus if they ever want to change the design then I'll just peel the vinyl off and start anew.
After seeing the finished product I want to run back to Michael's and buy more of the buckets to do for next year. Maybe I can make a walk way with them and put candles inside so that they glow, or maybe I can "Boo" some people and fill it with treats. Hmmm.... things to think about.
I can't do them this year because my next project which I started today is a table topper I'm making for my mom for Halloween. Mom bought the fabric and I've been trying to cut the fabric but a certain midget wants to stand on the chair beside me and will not go down for her nap.
So I'm gonna go do the dishes and when Rob gets here hopefully get this cut out. The cutting will be fairly easy, it's all strips!

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Anonymous said...

This is way cool, cheap and great.

Good job gang, and of the date of my posting i got Carrie six more buckets with maybe more showing up