Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last Friday night we received a crazy dust storm with 60 mph winds followed by a thunderstorm. Our trip to Agua Linda Farm was cancelled, so the kids played on the back patio until a huge bolt of lightning and a very loud boom of thunder sent the kids running into the house.
During their play time I took my camera out to get some fun shots.
For one thing this boy will not sit still so almost every picture is just a tad blurry. For another thing, I can rarely get him to look at the camera.
The plan was to look away and not turn your face
 toward me. Poor kid could not do it!
That mischievous face of his. He is such a character.
And this little booger decided that she wanted to re-pot one of my plants and was playing in the potting soil. At one point when I was taking her picture she looked down at her arm and freaked seeing how dirty she was.
When trying to capture her picture the wind was whipping around and Chelsea's hair was flying in her face. I think I had to actually hold her still to get this quick shot. Then she was off to play in the dirt again. Well wait...after each shot she wants to "see"

what I did and she gets such a kick out of it. Then she was off to play.
And my biggest booger, she plays all coy but she really loves for me to take her picture.
Which I just remembered, I need to upload photos to be printed for Wyatt's den meeting tonight. They boys are doing something about family photos.
Anyway, back to miss Kelly. After getting the others to be still for 30 seconds she knew it was her turn.
Those eyes of hers, she gave me her, here you go mom smile, and then took back off to play.
Boring post I know but this is what we did on a rainy Friday night. I love taking pictures when it's cloudy because I get the best results. I think I was originally going to take having fun photos but then I switched to some portraits and working with natural light. Just practicing and learning.
Believe me this was our calm before the storm. The weekend was packed and lots of fun.

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Anonymous said...

My beautiful grandchildren...yes I guess I'm partial, I mean who wouldn't be. Each child with their own funny quirks, and you can't forget those mischievious smiles. You have to wonder what they will get up to next....like a roller coaster ride!
I have always appreciated Carrie for getting involved in photography, it allows the family to stay in touch and the pictures are priceless, watching each child grow and change. Now all I need to do is get busy and get my books put together, but not today!!!!!

Have a great week everyone

Nina (aka Mom)