Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our normal lately is spending most of Saturday at the soccer field.
This past week both kids got their names put on their jerseys. I can't explain it but it makes me giddy. I guess my thought process is that even after the season they can still wear the shirts but that I think it makes them feel like more of a team when you see their name on the jerseys.
This past Saturday Wyatt had a pretty good day. He got to play goalie again and even though the other team got one by him, he did manage to stop one ball from becoming a goal. Way to go Wyatt!
Every week we see an improvement, and this past week Wyatt was able to mix it up more with the other kids and get some kicks in.
I'm sure all of this has been a big boost for his confidence.
Rob and I were talking later that day and we both hope that the kids play again next year. We feel that it's good for them.

Soccer Day, as I'm starting to call Saturdays, is fun. I don't know if it's fun for the kids but for us, we pack a small cooler with drinks and snacks, grab the camping chairs, hats and sunscreen and we go hit the field. Time flies while we are there and it has been good family time.
Our soccerday afternoons are spent relaxing and if possible mommy gets some creative time in. A win/win for all of us.
Last Saturday we spent our evening with family as we celebrated my niece Savannah's 1st birthday.
I took plenty of pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.

Sunday we skipped church and headed up the mountain to have a picnic to celebrate my mother in laws birthday, which is actually today!
We had a bit of an adventure. I found out mid morning that there was to be a marathon up the mountain. Well thinking that we won't be heading up until about 11 I thought everything would be fine.
As we started up you could see the remnants of the starting line, we cruised on up and we had originally thought to stop at big bear/ cypress picnic areas. At the last second changed our minds and started to go higher. Just past Windy Peak we all stopped. The marathon was still in progress and there was a pilot
car every 20 minutes to get us up higher. So after a quick conference we turned back around and headed back to big bear. As we headed back down my mother in laws van was acting funny. Rob pulled over and found that one of her front tires was very low. We pulled into the parking lot at Windy Point and we were going to put the donut on when an emergency fleet service truck pulled in. Mikey went over and talked to the guy and prayers answered he had an air hose to fill up the tire. So the really cool dude pulled this big truck behind us, pulled out this long air hose, pressurized it and put air back in the tire.
We were back in business!
We hit the road again to go down around the corner where we parked in this perfect spot. We had 3 picnic tables with one in the shade, we were next to the dry river bed that the kids could play in. There was a couple of cool logs that the kids could climb around. The river bed went under the mountain road through a tunnel and up through Cypress picnic area. Plenty for the kids to do and explore.
We had a great lunch that ended with razzelberry pie and I made an apple cream crumb tart that was a pretty big hit. My quiche on the other hand was just okay. It seems it had a bit too much spinach in it for every ones taste. I have made better and should find my favorite recipe and keep it handy.
I can't begin to say how enjoyable the day was. The area we were in was just spot on perfect. So relaxing, even when I attempted to climb a tree to help retrieve the football my brother get caught up in some branches.
Just as we were getting ready to leave I had each one of my kids sit on the end of a log and take their picture.
Wyatt being Wyatt didn't want to take any direction and does his own thing.
Kelly was grumpy about getting up there but we teased her out of her mood to get this goofy faced photo of her.
I really hope we can go up there again soon. It's just a beautiful place to go.


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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed having everyone together. The kids get along great, all six of them, well I guess i shouldn't include Savannah in that, but all the kids love their littliest sister/cousin, and to me that makes it perfect.
Enjoying the cool weather, family and well, just a perfect day. I don't think I could have asked for much more.
So thank you, all of you, for giving us grandparents a perfect day.
And just FYI, Inez is hoping we can do this again not to wait too long, winter up there is right around the corner.

From all of us here in Tucson to all, have a safe and wonderful fall.