Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where to start?
I've been thinking about blogging for the last few days but I hadn't uploaded any photos and each day seemed mired down with other "stuff" to do.
Well, I have a lot to catch up on! So sit back and relax as I try to update what we've been up to.

 I took some great photos of Wyatt as he got ready for his pack meeting last week.
That boy is so excited about finally being a boy scout. He is ready and raring to go do about anything!
Me being the mama-razzi that I am I tried to remember to take detail shots so that when he looks back he or his children/grandchildren can see how the uniform looked.
Since I know next to nothing about Boy scouts I have started to read his Tiger cub handbook to get a better understanding on how things go. Actually I better go re read it because I still don't remember much except that it's not a troop it's a pack.
Last week his pack went to one of the local firehouses to see and explore. Siblings were allowed to come along so Rob had Kelly don her GS vest. Come to find out later it was a unstructured family type event. Not much for learning with as many kids as were there and lots of little ones. Chelsea and I went out to capture some of the storm that was passing through at the time. (Didn't get anything)
I went to Joann's this past week because not only was I making a dues jar for Kelly's troop I was also looking at paper and embellishments that were related to boy scouts.
Gotta get started on his book now, this pack does a lot of activities.

One of the first things Wyatt needs to do is earn his brag vest. His job is to collect 30 lbs of cans and turn them in to the recycle plant and all the patches he earns will go on this vest.
Believe me, I saw one kids vest and it was packed with patches!
This Friday Wyatt's pack is planning on going to Agua Linda Farms and hopefully learning some cool stuff.
Every Tuesday night Wyatt puts on his blue shirt, striped kerchief, his tiger cub slide, his cap and eventually his belt and he along with Rob head to their meeting.

 Of course the girls were all over Wyatt as he was getting ready and it was like trying to take pictures around an obstacle course. Finally after he was ready I had the girls stand beside him.
Aren't they all cute ??
 In a few more years I'll have all three hopefully in or  still in scouting.
I'm very proud of my guy and I pray that loves scouts and learns a lot from the process.

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