Wednesday, November 03, 2010

 Our Halloween this year was slightly abnormal and I'll get to that soon.
Little miss was a fairy this year and oh how cute did she look?!
At the last minute I asked my mom to check out fairy wings when she was at Party City. She picked up this set, wings, tiara and wand for $15 freaking dollars! I was only looking to spend $6 but once we saw her all dressed up it was worth it.
The costume that Chelsea had was actually sized 4-6 so who knows maybe she'll want to wear it again in a couple of years.
Wyatt decided he was going to go as a knight and as always has had fun wearing his costume whenever he could. I finally had to put the sword up for fear that it would break before Halloween.
Kelly was going to go as Princess Fiona from Shrek, complete with a green face.
Here is where it gets abnormal.
Unfortunately Kelly broke out in this crazy allergic reaction on Saturday. After multiple doses of benedryl and slathering her in anti-itch cream and a call to her pediatrician, we got the rashes to calm down before trick or treating.
This year we had the cousins over and also friends
from church. We munched on pizza for dinner and suited the kids up to head on out.
Since Kelly couldn't wear the green face paint we still sprayed her hair red and tried to get as Fiona-ish as possible.
The kids brought in a pretty good haul this year and their buckets were a hit!
Even when Chelsea's was getting heavy she hauled it from house to house. Her version of trick or treat was so cute and she always said thank you and sometimes even added in a, have a nice day.
The big kids had to be retaught to say trick or treat, to stay off the lawns and only use sidewalks and paths and to say thank you. Being kids they just wanted the candy!
Toward the end of our night, Kelly complained that she was itchy again and that her stomach hurt.
We immediately headed home, took off her costume and that poor girl was covered in red welts for head to toe.
I put her in the tub to wash the red out of her hair and sooth the rash. Once out of the tub we reapplied the cream and things calmed down after that.
We finished the Steelers vs. Saints football game and we were getting ready to go to bed when I went to check on Kelly.
I  walk in her room and she was itching in her sleep. I took a flashlight to check out her legs and belly. The redness is back. I then point the flashlight toward her face. Poor girls face was solid red and looked puffy.
I freaked. She wasn't due for more benedryl for a while and I was so afraid that something would go wrong during the night that I told Rob I was taking her to emergency.
I woke Kelly up and at 9:30pm we were heading for ER. I kept explaining to her why I was taking her in, asking her questions and reassuring her that coming here she would get better.
Now here it gets even more abnormal.
We were in and out of the ER in less than one hour!!
We walked in the door, the nurse saw Kelly's face and immediately brought her into triage. At this point we all think it's an allergic reaction. They asked Kelly some questions and then put us in a triage bed and said the doctor would see us soon. After maybe 15 minutes the doctor came in looked her over and said, this isn't an allergic reaction. HUH!!
Kelly's body was fighting off a virus and her body was responding by going into these rashes. She wasn't contagious and he was going to give her a weeks prescription for steroids to knock it out of her.
Bibbity, Bobbity Boo, we had a prescription and we were outta there!
Headed to Walgreen's thinking that since it was 10:30 it would be quick to get the script filled. Yep, we had to wait 30 minutes. Kelly slept in the truck while I ran in and out. Then the pharmacist warned me not to give this to her until she has eaten because if I gave it to her now she would most likely throw it up.
I sure didn't want to add that to my to do list and since I now knew that Kelly wasn't in any danger she could wait till morning and have her pills with breakfast.
Since Halloween night Kelly has had a few flare ups but nothing like Sunday and for that I'm so grateful.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I was so excited about having everyone over and having my family together once again. The kids were hyped, Chelsea was wired for sound and...well, let the fun begin.
Chelsea looked so cute, and after being so afraid of our tombstones, she would gladly walk up to monsters, witches and spooks and say "hi kids" just too cute.
This year was a total success, barely any candy left and tons of kids with parents thanking me for doing this. Hey, this is what halloween is all about, and I have felt so cheated the last few years with less and less kids out beating the sidewalks. But, no more. Next year I will add to the fun and see what trouble I can get up to.....

I will hope all kids are healthy and happy and that they too enjoy the fleeting time of childhood, because I remember terrorizing ours and the fun we all had.....ahhhh, those were the days.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween