Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!

This year I decided to do something a little different.
Now that the kids are older they have begun to get into the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and it has reminded me about my childhood and watching the Parade.
So for grins and giggles I took pictures of the different floats and balloons. I started out trying to get a reflection picture.
The view was of the kids on the couch watching the parade and the reflection of the TV in the mirror that
hangs over their heads. I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted so I switched to just taking pictures of the TV. Cheesy I know but who knows what balloons will be there and gone in ten years.
I was thinking of doing a quick mini album about the parade and the memories I have from Thanksgivings gone by.
Another little project I have casually worked on is taking a picture of one of our trees for every season of the year.
Looking at the tree the other afternoon I realized that my window for getting a fall tree picture was  rapidly closing.
I took a couple of shots but then I tried for some more artsy shots.
I think this was my favorite of the bunch.
I just love the light in the fall, so golden, so beautiful.

On a crazier note I dared to brave the wilds of Walmart last night to pick up 3 cricut carts that were limited editions and on sale for $20. I was hoping to pick up the green cricut expression but alas it was not in my budget.
Anyway I have never done a WM black Friday and I'm wondering what drugs I was on. I thought I had mentally prepared myself for the store to be busy. When I pulled into the parking lot I about freaked. I don't like crowds.
What the heck was I thinking??!
I walked in and it wasn't so bad, I grabbed a hand basket to put my shopping in and started to look for the cricut pallet. Everything was covered in black plastic and most employees had no idea what I was looking for.
With the help of a few other women we found the pallet and hung out till the plastic was ripped off.
I had hoped to look around and grab a few other things I needed while I waited for midnight but the store had roped off areas and with all the people you couldn't get to anything.
Once the plastic was ripped away the store was mass chaos. I grabbed the 3 carts I wanted, lamented that I couldn't get the green or yellow expression and headed a few feet away to grab some pj's for presents.

The mass of bodies was intense. I carried my basket on my head as I bobbed and weaved through the crowd. Everyone I encountered was very nice and helpful but for the most part you could barely move. If you had a cart, good luck, it just made things even more congested.
As I was looking for a couple of Scooby Doo movies I spoke up to ask if anyone had seen them and a lady said that they were on this one side and handed me the 3 movies offered. At one point I was trying to reach a toy and the line for the registers prevented me from reaching it so I asked someone to hand it to me.
I stood in line for 45 minutes and then I was just crazy enough, because I had heard that they were restocking some things, to put my purchases in the car and go back in to see if there was anything else I wanted/needed. I finally got home at 2am and headed straight to bed where it took me almost another hour to fall asleep.
Would I do this all again? Maybe, doubtful but maybe.


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Anonymous said...

I remember the times when you and Mikey would sit and watch the parades, flipping from channel to channel to make sure we caught them all.
And now, as the kids grow older to see the absolute fascination that your kids have with these parades....well, it just makes me smile. I mean its not often that I'm ignored...and a parade, at that!!!
I like the pics of the kids playing in the leaves, you all had such fun with that when you were kids, some things never change, and thats a good thing.

Off to work, love to all

Nina, aka ma