Friday, November 26, 2010

On Tuesday night was Wyatt's pack meeting.
Rob had found out earlier in the afternoon that Wyatt was going to be getting his Bobcat patch along with other segments for the activities that he has done.
All of these segments will go onto his brag vest once he gets it.
We had tried to turn in some aluminium that night but the station had just closed.
**I'm happy to report that Wyatt had enough aluminium that he has earned his brag vest!!**

During the Bobcat part of the ceremony the parent that helped the Tiger cub was given a ribbon that they pinned onto their parent.
I'll have to get more details from Rob about this but it was similar to girl scouts that the pin is put on upside down until you do a good deed then it is flipped right side up.
The next step was new for both Rob and Wyatt.
As they entered into being a Bobcat each boy was to be branded on their bellies.
The pack leader Dennis had this fake logs glowing and he put his "branding iron" in the fire. Actually it was a long stick with a "B" on it that had been put into a red ink pad. Pretty cool huh?
Anyway Dennis goes on about branding and Wyatt was getting scared. Poor kid really thought he was about to be burned, and then there was Daddy, holding up his shirttail giving his no way to escape.
As Dennis came at him with the branding iron, Rob said Wyatt sucked in his gut as far as he could and backed his body up against him as tight as Wyatt could go.
Once the iron was pulled away Wyatt looked down to see his brand.
You could clearly see the relief and happiness on Wyatt's face when he realized that: 1. it didn't hurt 2. it was just a cool stamp

After Wyatt was branded the other boys were more than eager to lift their shirts and be branded too.
I'm not sure what a Bobcat means as of yet. We are worried that Wyatt is no longer a Tiger cub and we will have to replace part of his uniform already.
I was just getting used to him as a cute little Tiger.


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