Thursday, November 11, 2010

Please excuse the long absence, blogger and I were having a difference of opinion. I wanted to post some pictures and blogger didn't want to upload them.
So here I go again trying to play catch up.
A week ago Rob was telling me about this snack that if Wyatt made it he earned a patch.
When I heard how easy it was I went to the kitchen to see if we had all the ingredients, and we did.
I called Wyatt to the kitchen and explained what we were making and that if he helped he earned a patch.
The boy was so excited.
We started with coloring the cream cheese and then I had to show him how to spread the cheese on the cracker without destroying the cracker and then I brought out the secret ingredient, Goldfish crackers!
Wyatt took the plate and had his sisters try them out. A big hit. Once the first round was devoured, Wyatt and Kelly went into the kitchen and made more. Later that evening Rob asked where the colored cream cheese was and I had to tell him that the kids ate it all! So Rob used the plain old white cream cheese to put on his pumpkin bread.
What else to catch up on.... Soccer is about half over and the kids are doing well. Kelly is usually placed in the full back or half back position and seems to like it. Wyatt is enjoying being the goalie. Last week Wyatt was the goalie for the whole game last Saturday and the other team only got one goal off of him. He is doing great.
Last Saturday I was crouched on the sidelines taking pictures and had taken my eye away from the camera just in time to see Kelly give the soccer ball a big kick. I missed the darn shot but I was too busy cheering my girl. Kelly doesn't get as much action as she wants but she says she is always tired after the game.
I'm hoping both kids will want to continue in the spring.
I know for one thing that if the kids continue Chelsea will also join the soccer club. Chels gets so into kicking the ball and can dribble the ball for quite a distance.
Last week at practice Rob, Kelly, Chelsea and I were kicking the soccer ball around. Behind us is kids practicing for football. At one point the football kids had to run around the field, and for some reason Chelsea felt compelled to follow them. She trailed them for quite the distance before she got so far behind that she stopped. When Chelsea stopped she looked around and realized that she didn't know anyone. Before she could begin to freak out Daddy started calling her name and she went running the short distance to him. 
Speaking of  Chelsea we have entered a new phase in the terrible two's.
It began last week at the grocery store. We were in line to check out, my stuff was on the conveyor belt. Chelsea wanted my chap stick for the fifth time. I told her no and then she started yelling, no, at me.
I was shocked.
Later that day and since then, whenever she doesn't get her own way she starts yelling at us.
Don't let this picture fool you she can be a bit of a hellion. So dang stubborn. I have never seen someone able to trash a living room floor faster than Chelsea.
Lately it has been exhausting just trying to keep up with her let alone trying to get her to understand to pick up the mess she has made.
Today Grandma Ross has taken the kids for a while and I'm going to work on my Christmas ornaments for the Advent Jesse Tree swap that is next Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you hsve returned, had missed you there.
Its so cool seeing Wyatt in his uniform and him explaining all the cool things that he does. He is very proud to be a cubscout. You know Mikey never showed any interest in that sort of thing..

so, I have to say this....Chelsea carries on the tradition of laundry basket sitting. Will never understand the love that both Wyatt and Chelsea has shown for doing this, but it always brings a smile to my face to see them do it....of course thats if your lucky that there are no clothes in said basket.

Love to all