Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is with my kids? On any beautiful day I have to kick them out of the house to play outside. This past weekend my kids looked outside saw a few leaves on the ground, and they willingly went outside. Shortly after they asked for a rack, racked up the leaves and had a blast.
The kids jumped in the pile, then they tossed leaves in the air before they tossed them at each other.
Good ol' fashioned fun.
I just wished there had been more leaves for their pile, like there is now!

I remember making huge piles from the maple trees that we had both at Lincolnshire and then on Lexington.
Piles that you could hide in.
Piles that you could belly flop onto.
Later that morning we were still finding pieces of leaves in odd places and our hair, yeesh. What a mess that was to brush out!

We have put up our Christmas tree, lights and ornaments but we are still decorating the house.
I have finally begun making Christmas cards and my goal is to send them out by the 15th. Yep, I better get crackin'. I'm making them as simple and cute as possible.

It's hard for me to believe that tomorrow is the first of December. Wyatt had his school pictures today, Kelly's pictures are tomorrow. Wyatt has an awards assembly also tomorrow. Christmas parties are being scheduled, State rivalry football game is this weekend, Christmas shopping to be done. I gotta stop it's a bit of an overload.
Dinner is ready, Turkey and broccoli casserole.

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Anonymous said...

You know this is one of the big things I really miss about back east. I loved the fall with all of its colors. When I lived in VA. the mountains were absolutely beautiful, and awe inspiring. Our little bit of clolor is somewhat disappointing.
But all in all, it put a smile on my face to see theses pictures of the kids.
Am headed home to wrap presents and try to finish up cards this week.

Love to all

nina, aka ma