Monday, December 06, 2010

Another wild week is over and boy am I glad. This week looks to be much calmer but I'm sure will turn crazy, such is life.
Wyatt and Kelly had award assembly's last week and both kids made High Honor Roll! Yee Haw!
When I arrived for the assembly Wyatt's teacher approached me to say that Wyatt was playing "monsters" and had tackled a kid, who had no clue what was going on. The kid was fine and as punishment Wyatt had to eat lunch by himself in the office and had to go over the classroom rules about keep other people safe.
Once we got him home Rob and I talked to him about playing nice with other people and being more respectful.

Kelly had an interesting ceremony. Because the kids tend to thin when it comes to the higher grades, meaning that they sometimes switch to public schools or also that they just don't make the honor rolls anymore. Kelly's awards ceremony is from 3rd grade to 8th grade. Lots of cheering, talking, lots of kids.
While the ceremony was going on Chelsea was in her prime. She hung out with the older girls and clapped, danced and entertained them.
The funny part was that the older girls had no idea who Chelsea was but all the girls were super sweet to her.
Kelly had informed me that she has a new friend in her class and her name is Yuritza. Kelly says she is quiet and nice, maybe we will have her new friend come over to play sometime soon.

This weekend was also the kids' last soccer games.
This was both a happy and sad moment. We like going to games but I'm tired of all the obligations.
We started Saturday morning off a little rough. I had told the kids to have their soccer stuff ready so that it wasn't a mad scramble in the morning. Wyatt had an 8:00 game and Rob had to landscape so I was on my own in the morning.

Wouldn't you know it the kids couldn't find at least one item in their gear. Wyatt couldn't find his jersey and Kelly couldn't find her socks.
Then I was having the kids help me carry stuff to the field and Wyatt was to carry our little cooler on his shoulder. Well the boy started messing around and hung from his neck and started to do a run tip toe kind of walk when he biffed it on both of his knees. Tears and blood were flowing.
We got to the soccer field and I put 3 band aids on his knees and sent him out to warm up.
The boy continued to cry for 30 minutes. He was put in the as goalie and he still cried. I tried coaching him, my mom tried coaching him. His coach finally leaned down to him and said that if Wyatt would quit crying he would get him something from McDonald's at the team party.
Wouldn't you know it, the boy stopped crying. He even managed to stop a few goals and laugh when he got a soccer ball to his crotch.
Go figure.

After the game Wyatt's team went to McD's to play and hand out their trophy's. He was as proud as a peacock. His team unfortunately took last place in their age group.
We are taking the winter season off cause it's just too darn cold. We'll start up again in the spring.

Now miss K also had her game later that afternoon. So we drove back to the school and hauled all our gear to watch her team kick some butt.
Kelly's team took first place in their age group.
I tried to get some team shots and I caught this one of Kelly with her hair flying as she ran to get ready to help her teammate out.

Sunday right after church we had to head to Peter Piper Pizza for her teams season end party.
Holy cow, I haven't been to PPP in years and this new location was jaw dropping.

We ordered a pizza and wings and bought $5 in tokens and the kids had a blast.
The pizza was some of the best I've had in a long time and the wings were oh so tender.
I taught the kids how to use their tokens and watch for tickets. I showed them how to use the machine to count their tickets and redeem them at the prize counter.
Chelsea got to run around a little bit and she and daddy got to ride the carousel.
I brought my camera but**cough**Iforgotthememorycard**cough**.
Oh well, I won't say this to Rob but I can't wait to go again, it was fun.


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