Monday, December 13, 2010

This year we are experiencing some unseasonably warm weather. Like 10-12 degrees warmer than normal. This made for a gorgeous weekend.
Sadly our rug rats all had fever and sniffles but the Grandma's still kept them. One on Friday and one on Saturday, that left us parentals free to roam the town.
Saturday afternoon we went to the 4th Ave. Street Fair. Where hundreds of vendors, musicians and entertainers clog a few city blocks. This photo no
where near shows how crazy the place was. Also this is just one side!
The top photo is actually looking back up to where we are heading. Just crazy.
The street fair brings out everybody, and there are so many beautiful things to see. Believe me, if I had lots of disposable money a few pieces would have come home with me. Since I'm cheap, I thought about ways to replicate a project I saw.
I also love to people watch. There were
street performers and henna artists, tarot card readers, you name it they are there.
After walking the fair we decided to head toward home and go eat out for dinner when Rob received a text that invited us to go to the U of A vs. ASU hockey game. Thankfully we hadn't made it far from downtown when turned back around.
We noticed that the traffic was heavy heading into downtown when I 
remembered that it was second Saturday. Downtown comes alive at night and food vendors line the street while they play a family friendly movie on the side of a building.
Seeing all the fun we parked over by the TCC and headed the 3+ blocks back to the action.
Rob and I enjoyed Mama Joy's Catfish while we watched the Grinch.
We saw Santa being driven around in a Rolls Royce, and cars decorated in
Christmas lights.
After our dinner we walked back through downtown and across the bridge to the TCC where we met up with friends to see ASU whoop our butt 8-2.
I got this one shot of the one goal that we made closest to us. It was just sad.
Normally we trounce ASU but jeez Louise the guys were off that night.
Got up Sunday morning to find that Wyatt and Chelsea now had the fever and cold that kept Kelly home for two days last week. Poor kids were miserable.
Kelly is feeling better and is back to school while Wyatt is home today.
Me, I'm still trying to fight it off. Please, I do NOT want what the kids have.
You know, moms should be immune to whatever their kids have. Makes taking care of them much easier.
Tonight Kelly has a pajama party at girl scouts. Games, food and fun, even I have to wear my pj's. Looking forward to the fun!


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