Friday, December 17, 2010

 On Tuesday Wyatt received his brag vest. This vest is what he puts all his patches and activity segments on.
Wyatt was later brought up again for belt slides, pins and patches he has received.
If things keep going this way that boys vest is going to be covered in no time at all.

The pack leader, Dennis had a couple of Christmas games for the kids and adults to play.
I will just say that I know quite a bit about Christmas trivia but I was polite and helped others win too.
The webelos did a little puppet show and then the big surprise was that...
Santa showed up!!
Now this is the first time Chelsea has met the big man and oh she was amazing.

 Chelsea was talking to him like he was an old friend, she kept saying Merry Christmas to everyone and telling us to look at Santa. No fear whats so ever.
When Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas I think she just babbled but Santa was fascinated by her.
Wyatt was in line right behind Chelsea and he asked for a remote controlled rocket ship, which I don't even know it there is such a thing.
After their visit with the man in red the    kids received a bag of goodies.
Now as all the kids were waiting in line Kelly wouldn't go up.
I begged, I pleaded. Nope she was having none of it, until she saw that the kids were getting goodie bags, then that girl was in line.
Greedy little snot, huh?
Kelly asked Santa for a laptop and some new clothes.
A laptop, seriously!
Keep dreaming kid!

I was really happy that all the kids cooperated and let me get a group shot and with decent expressions too!

Today is the kids first day of Christmas vacation.
I always have high hopes for a fun, productive time together but I guess I better come down to earth.
Already they are giving me fits and fighting.

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Anonymous said...

Wyatt, you are just too cute. Congratulations on your awards, you did super.

Miss Chelsea continues to amaze me, there are very few kids that have no reservations about hopping up on santa's lap and just jabber away. I remember Kelly freaking out the first time she went to see santa, hmmmmm. Such a vast difference in these kids!!!

Great picture of all

love you, Nina