Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 This has not been a good start to today.
First thing this morning we realized that one of the lenses was missing from Chelsea's glasses. I've searched my purse, the floor and the truck and still cannot find the lens. Now I need to call and find out the cost to replace the lens.
Then I was letting Chelsea draw at the kitchen table and I heard a ripping paper sound. Thinking she was ripping up the paper that she was drawing on, which she sometimes will do, I told her to draw on her paper not rip it up because she wasn't getting more. I heard more ripping and I look up and she is ripping the pages from my bible!!

                     Yep, Genesis chapters 34-46 are pretty much toast.
I'm thinking I might try to tape it back together, it is my favorite bible and one that the language is easy to understand when I read it.
Also yesterday the truck started making that terrible knocking noise again. It subsides when the engine is warm but is VERY loud until then.
This is starting out to be a rough year.

To be honest I'm completely frazzled. I have been somewhat in a funk since Saturday and the tragedy in Tucson.
It's hard to see your town in the national news for something so horrendous and the media coverage of all the grieving people just depresses me. I feel like crawling in a hole
till I feel "safe" again.
Since one day I or my kids will re read this post I guess I shouldn't be so vague about it.
On Saturday while my kids were playing on the computer and I was reading a magazine I received a text from my friend Julie. The text asked if I had heard about Gabrielle Gifford's. I replied that I read it from the link she posted on Facebook and I had just flipped the TV over to the local channel where the ticker read that there had been a shooting.
Of course as the minutes pass by more information comes through. First we hear that the congresswoman was shot in the head, but alive, then briefly we hear that she has passed from her wounds, then word comes in that she is alive but that there are 13 people shot and 6 dead. Most of the day is spent listening to the news and praying for the families. I struggled not to cry.
I heard that they had apprehended the suspect at the scene and all I could think about was how this is going to turn into a media circus.
I'm grieving and thinking about each person who was there. The husband that died sheltering his wife whom was still shot in the leg three times. I thought of the beautiful girl that was Kelly's age and it really upsets me. The federal judge whom my mom knew from her being a paralegal.
I won't even discuss the person who did this. The history books will say enough about him.
Regardless of your political position you don't deserve to be shot for it.

I sincerely need to go to the grocery store but I keep putting it off.
I know that the likelihood of this happening again is extremely rare and me not going isn't about the shooting, it's about the fact that I haven't made a grocery list and I just don't trust myself let loose in a grocery store without a list. :)
Is there anything else I want my family to know???
Right now the political climate is pretty volatile. We live fairly close to the border and the violence has increased along with every ones opinions on how to deal with it. The last election here in Tucson was pretty brutal with both of our incumbents Gabby Gifford's and Raul Grijalva narrowly winning re-election.
Arizona in itself has battled the country with SB1070 and the boycotting of our state, which surely hasn't helped in the recession.
I wonder if people will finally realize what a powder keg southern AZ is.
Not that it releases any idiot from shooting everybody, there is no excuse for that.

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