Thursday, January 06, 2011

On Monday night I was looking at Kelly, really looking at her when it hit me how much she has grown and changed so far this year.
Yesterday I began, again, working on the kids' school albums when I it hit me yet again how much she has grown and changed the last few years.
One of the items Kelly got for Christmas was a little make-up kit. Oh my. The lip gloss went on a bit crazy and the blusher was on her jawbone instead of her cheekbone but she was happy and we
weren't leaving the house that day anyway.
If I approach her just right she is more receptive to my help then when I just state this is how you do it, whether that is color coordinating clothes, how to apply makeup, trying different ways to do her hair, etc.
Smart, bossy, emotional, that's my girl.

Top photo- Kelly age 2 1/2, bottom photo Kelly age 8

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