Saturday, January 01, 2011

One, One, One One

How could I pass up this opportunity to remark on today's date, 1/1/11. A new year, new start, new goals.
In order for me to move forward I want to briefly look back at last year.
Briefly meaning that I looked back at last years, new years day blog post and I didn't accomplish any of my goals.
Wow. I thought they were reasonable goals too. Okay I can check off being more creative and trying new things because I did learn a couple of new techniques but I didn't take any classes, never did the photo scavenger hunt, never lost any weight, and didn't even make any cards monthly.
I found it interesting that as I sat here today and thought about what my hopes and dreams for this year are that I had some of the same goals as last year. 

My goals for this are to complete the 2 Peas 12 week photography course, have at least one craft night a month.
I want to listen more, move more and eat less.
I want to continue my creative journey. I would like to create a photo book of some of the quintessential spots that Tucson is known for.
I would also like to make a cute scrappy recipe book.
I just re read last years blog and I could almost re write it word for word. Kind of depressing if you think about it.
This year it's about finishing what I start and not sabotaging myself. I want to have a happy year. I pray that all my family and friends have a great year.

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