Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Do you miss me?
Did you even know I was gone? Humph
I've thought about you? Seriously, I have.
I've just been too tired to do anything about it.
I went back to work full time this week and my brain is fried. On top of all that the truck broke down on my way to the auto shop.
I didn't get a photo of it because I didn't have my camera so I'm using this old photo of when the engine blew.
Any whoo, we put a new battery in Sunday and my battery indicator light stayed on. Today the truck went nuts, idiot lights flashing on and off, the radio turning off and on and all the gages weren't working.
I tried to drive it down to a new auto shop and a couple miles down the road the whole truck started moving v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.i.n.g I barely made it into a parking lot before everything shut down and I rolled into a spot.
Thankfully my co worker was following behind and gave me a ride back to the office where I called a tow truck to take my girl Betsy (my truck) to the mechanic.
Yes, I name my cars, big blue Betsy
Come to find out I needed an alternator.
My truck was fixed by the time I got off work and my mom picked me up and drove me out to get her.
I hate the feeling of not having a vehicle and knowing that I'm at the mercy of the auto shop. But I'm over it now that the bill wasn't outrageous and I have the truck back.
One of the few perks I get from this new job is auto parts at cost and a discount on labor. That I can handle.
I'm adjusting to working full time and balancing home, kids and all that extra stuff.
I've pretty much wanted to cry at least once a day, whether it was Chelsea's difficulty adjusting to day care or all the little details I have to remember and do while my co worker is on maternity leave, heck even the problems with the truck.
I'm hoping the rest of this week goes a bit better, things at work are becoming more routine and easier and today Chelsea had a better day at day care. Sad part is that I'm forgetting simple stuff and questioning myself on almost everything.
I'm hoping once things settle down my brain will start to function properly, kind of like it used to be before I had kids.

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Anonymous said...

AHHHH Daughter, I remember those days! Working full time, house, laundry, grocery shopping, getting you kids out the door so that i could get to work on time and NO help from my other half! You my dear are VERY LUCKY to have a partner that is there to help. I can give you some hints that will make your mornings easier, use your slow cooker for meals or keep it simple...there are lots of things you can do and I'll give you ideas if you want.
Poor Blue, you have to give her credit...she was talking to you, you just didn't understand what she was saying.
love you