Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm still dreaming about this camera. I'm still trying to find a way to purchase this camera.
I talked to Rob last week and asked if I could save my paychecks and buy my 7D.
After much talking, where he never said no, I'm squirreling away my paychecks.
I'm praying that by the end of March I will have this sweet baby in my arms.
So pray for me please.
Anyone who knows me knows that I want this camera desperately.

I have been getting into sync at work and things are going really well so far. For the most part I'm enjoying myself but I miss having La Donna to talk to and crack up laughing with.
The good news is that she had her baby Sunday night and they came home from the hospital today. I get to meet the little guy tomorrow.
Work keeps me busy, so much so that I have my days sort of planned out by what time of day it is. I almost don't even think about what time the kids get out of school and when Chelsea gets picked up. There is just so many little details that I have to take care of daily that it's all I focus on so as not to forget.

Sunday was also the day we held our family dinner. This time around we went to my brothers house and had tacos. Oh yum, a family favorite.
What was even better was what occurred before and after dinner.
While we were snacking on baby shit dip and cooking the meat, we all, meaning Mike, Rob and my mom bring out their cell phones and we discuss games and apps.
This turned into me asking about the game Angry Birds.
OMG! I was hooked
 It was so bad that Rob made me put his phone down to eat dinner but afterward I started right up again.
At one point during our "family" dinner or our evening together it was Mikey playing Angry birds on his phone with Kelly and Clayton watching, me on Rob's phone with Chelsea and occasionally Clayton stopping by, Rob was on Amanda's phone playing too. Wyatt was on the stairs playing a different video game. Donovan would watch Mikey and then check out Rob. So basically we have 3 adults on our phones playing games with almost all the kids watching us.
Just sitting here writing about it makes me want to play. Sadly for me, Rob is at Boy Scouts with Wyatt and so is Rob's phone. Hmmm... maybe when he gets home.

I was writing in my journal this morning about just how content I am at this moment. I'm not really sure why I feel this way but overall I'm happy. Tired but happy.
The kids have adjusted well with me not being home when they get home, Chelsea is doing better at daycare and is learning cool new things. The only one who really misses me is Rob. Maybe that is a good thing :)
I miss being home because of all the freedom I had to do anything I really wanted. Now everything is either before work or after work and scheduling it all in.
I have some appointments for the kids to make, Chelsea is due for her eye exam and we've already picked out her next set of eye glasses.
I need to make an appointment for Wyatt at the dentist and I'm going to have to make myself one too since I broke a tooth a while back.
So that's my update in an condensed nutshell.
I'll let you know when or if I'll be able to get the camera.
Also, maybe now that my computer is fixed I will update more.


Julie G. said...

I got angry birds too!

Anonymous said...

I know about dreams, unfortunately mine seem to be on hold.
I remember when I bought my camera, you told me that when I started to get frustrated with its limitations....it was time to step up. Well I've reached that point, but its a hold for me until I get my house.

I've met LaDonna a couple of times in passing, but she seems to be really nice, and I'm glad you two hit it off. And its always nice to be honorary anything.

Now, as far as the family dinner went...well hell, my phone wouldn't download Angry Birds, so there I was left out in the cold watching all of you sooooo engrossed in that darn game. I mean talk about feeling left out, and it wasn't like i didn't know about the game....I did. Oh well!!!