Saturday, February 26, 2011

Look what came back home today!
After 6 long months we are back to being a two car family!
No more relying on family for rides or being stranded at home while the other person has the truck.
Now if it could magically turn into a new Ford Flex or a Toyota Sienna, with no payments, I would be over the moon.
I'm just glad it's back and in relatively the same condition as when I loaned it out.

This morning while I was at work and Nina had the kids my little terror, you know who, managed to find a pair of scissors and cut a hole in her shirt!

Tonight the kids spent some of their Christmas money and bought Mega mind and Beverly hills Chihuahua 2. Right now the family is watching Mega mind. I'll join them soon after I finish my update.
Chelsea is changing so fast, her speech is clearer and she is saying the darnedest things.
Wyatt is getting more into scouts and going on adventures. Kelly, she's my tough nut. We are still struggling with her attitude and her commandeering ways. Example; no matter whose toy it really is Kelly will sneakily incorporate it into her stash.
I should probably write down the interesting things the kids say but they are usually said while driving and my mind sometimes can't remember by the next stoplight.

In the last week we have either bought or inherited more orchids. I'll have to take a picture of our windowsill and individuals of all the new flowers. Some are very pretty and Rob has a way of making them bloom where most of our family has a black thumb with orchids.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad the ole girl is back. It's been kind of weird to see her going down the street and someone else is driving it, soooo...welcome home!

You know I know it leakes oil, but she rides really good, and the best part is that all of us can fit into it. YEA!!!!

Off to do whatever needs to be done, take care, love to all