Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Tuesday morning in the wee hours we lost power for about an hour. When I went to turn on the computer last night it wouldn't fire up. It seems the power supply cord went bad.
Thus my computer is down, minus all my photos, links, how to's and everything!!!! ARGH!!
I'm typing from Robs laptop, or should say stealing time while he steps away. He is researching new towers. It is about time we upgraded and we have talked about it, but with the current issue it moved up the priority list.
Once, someday, in the future, pretty soon, one day when I get a new camera I'm going to need a better computer. I mean seriously, my computer is 5 years old and a 256k.
I need to get into the new millennium.
So hopefully by next week I'll be back on a computer whether it is this one or a new one. My hope is a new one.
No matter what we need a power cord to get files off the old computer, but once that is done we are thinking of giving it to the kids.


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