Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Rob hits the big 40-0!

Oh what a good time we had.
Now granted the hour before the party was a little stressing but once people showed up and the food was uncovered and the beer bottles opened, it was all good.
I've said it before we have a small house and it stresses me thinking about shoving 20+ people into it. I had set things up outside so people could head out there if they wanted. 
 It was just chilling enough that no one really wanted to hang out there.
So at one point there were 4 people sitting on the couch and three snuggled on the love seat. All extra chairs are taken.
But you know what? It was all good. People relax and just talk and not that usual trying to talk louder over people or five conversations at once. The atmosphere was a little bit more intimate.
We had 200 chicken wings, 2 types of dip, 5 types of chips, 3 different types of cakes and 2 flavors of ice cream. Of course I also had some of Rob's favorite candy, dark chocolate dove, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, jelly belly's, Reese's pieces, almond joy and butterfingers.
Major sugar overload.
When I went into planning the party I didn't want to go the "over the hill" route. The plan was to include all of Rob's                                              favorite things.

I think everyone had a great time, we laughed,we watched you tube videos, don't ask, and we just enjoyed each others company.
We are a goofy bunch when we all get together and by the end of the evening, which was early, 10pm, the birthday boy and I were sitting out in the back yard with the fire pit going and just relaxing.
Now his birthday didn't end there. We had a child free night on Saturday where we stayed home and watched a movie  and on Sunday Rob had his race.

It doesn't matter what I didn't get done cause I really think no one would have cared, but it was the stage I was trying to set. I had all these ideas from the blog hostess with the mostess.
With working I just ran out of time. But those ideas will percolate just a little bit longer and who knows, those ideas may show up later this year.


Sheena said...

Cool!! Happy Birthday to Rob!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rob,
The party was really nice and I personally think it was great.

LOL ma

Anonymous said...

Need to add a footnote to my last was great, but I have to admit that Hope just cracked me up when she sat with that big container of Jelly Bellys, picking out her favorite colors.
But the best was sitting outside with the fire going and just CHILLIN. And thank you Paul for the wood...perfect end to a nice evening.