Friday, February 04, 2011

Yesterday was the coldest day in Tucson since 1956. I think we ended up at 28 degrees, with the wind even chillier.
Lots of our friends are either without heat or water and some are both.
We were fine until mid morning when I ran to Joann's and came back to this gusher in the back yard.
It's my fault too.
When we were getting ready i asked Rob to water the yard to help with the dog pee smell.
Weeeelllll, Rob didn't blow out the line for the irrigation again and that's what blew.
It shot out the side into our freezer and all over the bag of dog food.
20 lbs of dog food gone.
I called my handy husband who came home and cut the PVC and capped it off until we can replace all the PVC pipes.
Funny story, I called Rob to ask what I needed to do to turn off the water. Rob told be to turn the red knob. Now I hadn't looked where the pipe split and I wasn't sure if turning the red shut off valve would help because the crack I was looking at was right by the valve.
So, I turned the valve and got a face full of water! The pipe had split all the way up!
Anyway everything is fixed, the pipes are wrapped for tonight because we expect another hard freeze and we are snug as a bug.
This weekend is cookie booths and the SUPER BOWL!!!
I love both teams but I would like the Packers to win this one just for Aaron Rodgers. Big Ben has enough rings.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, damn it was cold, I guess I've gotten use to our mild winters, being from Michigan you would think the is something I would NOT forget...but hey, its been a few years.
So pipes froze,did not want to go out in it. Just wanted to settle in, snuggle up and stay cozy...
Didn't happen, went to work, picked up Marie's van from the shop and had to arrange for her and Kelly to go to a hotel since there was no heatr at her house due to a shortage with southwest gas. Ah, well, such is life.
Today is friday...the weather is balmy and beautiful, such a difference within 24 hours.

On a side note....daughter you are killing me, jeez "Green Bay" how could you. While my team did lose out (Patriots...all the way)I still hope Green Bay gets their butts whooped on. So, may the battle, hootin + hollarin begin

Love to all