Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have amazing news, my mom is getting a house!
I'll try to make a long story somewhat short.
Mom has been house hunting for quite a while until she found out early this year that because of her former boss and his shenanigans she wouldn't be able to qualify for a house until next year.
Mom has gone through anger, depression and even questioned her faith.
Her brother, my (insert thick sarcasm) darling uncle and his girlfriend are living on the family property and have been impatiently waiting for her to move so that they can move into the house.
Now things have been getting worse in mom's situation, with those other people eating her food, leaving messes, hogging the clothesline, and going through her stuff.
Almost daily I would hear of a new transgression. On Saturday my uncle stated that when it reached 90 degrees outside, that whether mom liked it or not they were moving in.
I told mom to get on her knees, pray and ask God what he wanted in her life. The next day, Sunday, after church we were talking and I told mom briefly about what the message was about. The message was about listening to Gods voice and doing what he wants you to do.
Mom said that she was going to pick up a newspaper and head home. A little while later she gives me a call about this house. Owner will carry, $5000 down, yada yada. She was making arrangements to go see it Monday but she wished Rob could go look at it too. So I said could we go right now? Mom called the owner who basically gave her the key codes and said have at it. Mom drove back across town and met us at the house and we proceeded to walk around, inspect, mentally place furniture for about an hour. At one point Rob and mom were in the bedrooms talking and I sat down and prayed.
I prayed that if this was the house that God wanted her to have he needed to give her a obvious sign.
About 10 minutes or so later another car pulls up to check on the house. We are polite and welcome him in and he tells us that he spoke with the owner yesterday about walking through. I know all three of us were sweating it for a few minutes.
The man and his wife did a brief walk through and then he says to us, the house is yours if you want it.
He said that he told a friend that he would stop by and check out this house for the friends son. The son though had been messing this guy, Will over because he had helped him by renting him a condo and the guy would pay his rent late or not at all.
Will calls his friend and said that they lost out on the house that another person is taking it.
Will then tells us what had been going on and said if you take the house you can thank Cedric. He also told us about the owner and said that he had never walked through a bad house out of all that the owner had sold.
After he left I told Rob and mom what I had prayed about earlier. I felt that, that was a weird and obvious sign.
Mom should be closing on her house this Friday!
Thanks Cedric!!
We've been talking since then and what we have come to understand is that when Mom stopped giving God her demands He gave her His.
Yesterday, mom, Rob and I were talking. With the house comes a house payment, one that is at the limit she wanted to spend. Mom has been trying to find another job in the paralegal field but there isn't anything in Tucson so mom was talking about finding a couple of more clients to clean for.
Rob says that our neighbor who is a paralegal, said that her office might soon be looking for another paralegal and that she should submit her resume.
So guess what we have been working on?!
If she can land this job, mom can really testify to the amazing things God was worked in her life.
So prayers that she can land a job in the field that she worked so hard to get a degree in. And... the realtor mom was working with told her that if she can get a paralegal job for at least 30 days she would qualify for a house! That would mean that this house she is getting she could re qualify for her own home loan and not be carried by another person. Lower interest rate, lower payments.
So I don't know about you but I'll be sending lots of prayers up.


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Anonymous said...

Ma here, it has been a trying time these last months, I have screamed ranted,raved and basically have been angry since last October. I've asked god so many times "why" and the answer continued to elude me.
So, now after several sleepness nights and worries, panic attacks, and just plain fear I signed the papers yesterday. went back t work and had a glass of wine with one of my clients, who has supported and cheered me fact all of my clients have done that.
today is Saturday and Rob, the kids and I just got back from lowes where I bought some necessary items for my house....MY HOUSE" what a sweet sound that is.
god has put me in this place and I know he will see me through anything.
Have a wonderful weekend

ma (aka Nina)