Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Last week my mother in law took the kids to see and pet some horses. I latter find out that they went to the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch.
The kids were asking to go again and I know I wanted to go so after church we grabbed some lunch and drove out to the end of Speedway where the ranch is located.
There were several corrals with lots of horses. We walked along the fence and if any of these big girls or guys put their head over the fence we would give them a rub.
This is Judge. A pretty tall boy who had one brown eye and one blue.
One of the wranglers walking by gave us his and one other horses' name.
These were two of the sweetest horses.
The is the other horse. His name is Budgy, he is quite the character. Budgy was very interested in my camera among other things or should I say little people.
He was very curious and I had to keep a eye out for where that muzzle of his was heading. At one point he shoved his nose almost against my lens.
But Budgy found a certain midget interesting.

Chelsea wanted up to see the horse. So as Nina picked her up, the horse leaned over the fence and proceeded to snuffle and maybe nibble her hair. Chelsea took it all in stride and laughed.
We petted several of the horses and I kept my eyes open as best as I could to get some interesting photos.

One horse seemed interested in Rob and I think fell a little in love with him.

Doesn't he look so content?
When Rob stopped rubbing him I missed the exact look the horse gave but here is a glimpse of it.

Once Rob rubbed his nose again all was good.

But that wasn't even the most interesting look we received...

As we were working our way back toward the parking lot we stopped at a different corral and me this guy....

I don't know his name but I swear I know the look. I'm not sure if he looks like he is laughing at me or not. In reality when I took this picture he kept yawning. The face that he kept making was cracking me up. This was the best of the lot.
I plan on going back with or without the kids to take more pictures. Yes more than likely the kids will be with me. These guys were such a riot how can I not go back.

In other news work is going well except that my boss has been ill the last couple of days. It's given me time to get caught up but now I'm ready to be busier again.
LaDonna is back also from her very short maternity leave and she brought her little guy with her. Baby Bryson is such a sweetheart and I would just love to take a ton of photos of him. Before you even think, does she even take her camera to work the answer is yes.
I snapped a few of BB today but I want to get permission first before I post them.
I've made a friend and have become an honorary aunt in about a months time.
I'm really excited that LaDonna and I get along as well as we do. Even though I was really nervous about working for a tax prep and to some degree I still am nervous, it has all worked out really well and I'm enjoying myself.
I've enjoyed myself so well that I should be getting a present at the end of this week.
Stay tuned....

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Anonymous said...

What a blast this cast of characters provided for us, and you have to admit that we probably alleviated some of the same ole same olefor them. From having spent time with horses, they never cease to amaze me that each one has its own distinct character. I hope I get invited to go play again, they most definitely brought a smile to my day.