Friday, April 22, 2011

 Hi kiddos, mommy is home!

So let me explain where I've been. This is Murray's Business service.
It has been a great place to work and I like how Art runs his business even if he can be a tad anal.
See that blue chair back there? That was the computer I used the most.
This is where I input all the details from your tax organizer sheet and print out your tax return for Art to check.
Once Art goes over and checks for any mistakes then I take it to here. I assemble your tax return here at this table, make copies and mail all in this one area.
See that white/black box on the floor under the table? Because I am so tall and the table is so short I would use that box as an assembly table so it wouldn't hurt my back so much.
A cool thing about Art offices are that there are train tracks and trains all around.
Now I didn't get his permission to post 
these photos but the Art and his late dad Murray were train fans. There are three trains that can run in the processing room and two trains that can run around in the lobby area.
In Art's office he has shelves of trains and all these Disney trains still in there orange boxes.
Art is also a HUGE Disney fan. My friend LaDonna's office is Lion King and Pinocchio and another office has Little Mermaid and just other Disney stuff.
Anyway this is where practically lived for the last three months. I was usually in the office by 7:45 and sometimes didn't get home until almost 6 every night.
I have learned a lot about taxes and have made a great new friend in LaDonna and just adore her little man Bryson.
But more to come and lots to update you on.

** Okay I just reread what I wrote and boy did I simplify my job. Here is a little more detail about what my day was like.
The night before I call all the clients due to come in. Once verified I would then make a copy of the schedule for Art's desk and then pull all the client files and print out individual client sheets. These sheets are filled with the prior years info and spaces for new info. The next morning I would come in, check messages, get everything up and running, make coffee and either get the mail ready or input client info or assemble returns. After the mail was picked up I would e-file any returns that had been signed for and then check for returns that have been accepted. Once your return has been excepted by the state and feds then I would print out a client letter and make an envelope that would be mailed within 48 hrs. Afternoons could be clients picking up returns besides appointments, answering questions, calling clients to pick up their returns or helping LaDonna take care of Bryson. There really wasn't much down time and maybe that is why I dropped 11lbs while working. I'll say it again, I really like working there and being helpful to Art and LaDonna.
Now that the tax season is over the office is once again quiet. Instead of leaving at 5:30-ish they leave at 3 and on Fridays noon. I have been asked to work again next year and I'm pretty sure it will be on a more part time basis. Which I think Rob will like better.
Boy did my man and the kids miss me. This was a hard adjustment for them and I know Rob is really happy to have me back home.


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Anonymous said...

Makes you appreciate the effort Rob makes to keep you home AND makes you appreciate and understand how working mothers handle things being a full time working parent. Not easy! It takes a lot of effort to stay on top of things. You my daughter are very lucky to have Rob!

But, I'm glad you got the chance to work with Art...he's a great guy.