Friday, April 29, 2011

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Lewis Whyld / Pa / Pool / EPA

Out of the millions of photos taken this morning I felt this was the simplest one to use for today's blog post.
Now I did not get up/ stay up all night to watch the wedding. I believe some TV stations started festivities at 1:00am and I think the wedding was at 3:00am.
When I awoke at 6:00 it was pretty much all the news stations could talk about. The wedding even overshadowed the horrible tornado's that ripped through the south that have killed and displaced so many people.
As I explained to my kids this evening, this is but a moment in history and if one day I'm asked what do I remember from watching the ceremony I want to be able to answer them.
I would say that I hope and pray that they have a happy marriage. That the media will be careful and respect them, doubtful but I can hope, I hope they have many happy, healthy years together.
Also, I loved her dress.
In fine English style the pomp and circumstance was amazing and everything was absolutely breathtaking.
One of my favorite scenes was when the couple rode out of Buckingham Palace in an Aston Martin convertible headed to Clarence House. How normal, surreal but normal looking it was.
I have wanted to got to London for years, one of my favorite things is English history and that love was inspired from the historical romance novels that I read.
Of course knowing that my family, on my fathers side, is English doesn't effect me one bit, nah not one bit :)
I was six when Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married. I vaguely remember seeing it on the TV and the moments that stood out to me were the ones you see played over and over. The carriage ride and the kiss.
This time around we were privy to so much of the ceremony and I found it fascinating in a way.
But today wasn't just about the royal wedding. Here in our country we have experience devastating storms that have torn apart towns and neighborhoods. The weather service has said it was record breaking tornado's over 150 in less than 24hrs. It's just plain awful, and I pray for all those families going through this tragedy.
Also going on today was that the space shuttle Endeavor was suppose to have it's final launch but sadly it has been scrubbed until Monday due to some mechanical problem.
It is special to us Tucsonans because Mark Kelly the husband of our congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is shuttle commander of this final mission. If you don't remember Gabby was shot on January 8th and has remarkably recovered enough to be able to make it to the launch, she was even seen walking up the stairs. No pictures have shown how the congresswoman looks as she is rehabilitating. We don't know how much facial damge she has endured. It's not really important, what her scars will say we just know how strong, resilient and brave she is.

What a day it has been


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