Monday, April 25, 2011

 This year was our County Fair's 100th birthday.
After last year we promised the kids we would come back this year.
Even though I thought I had brought enough money my kids wanted to go berserk.
We bought 40 tickets when we first got there and the kids rode this dragon train and then everyone but me did one of those giant slides.
 Afterwards Kelly and Wyatt just had to go see the snakes, then we walked around and the kids did a fun house and another ride before we called it quits and headed over to the food area.

 A traditional sight at the fair is the Piggly banners flapping in the wind.
Has fair food always been so expensive?
We paid $4 for a hot dog and I paid $7.50 for a gyro. Rob refused to eat! One, he couldn't make up his mind and two, he said it was too expensive. Rob later had a funnel cake with powdered sugar and a strawberry glaze drizzled on top.
After dinner we headed out to see some animals
I have really no idea but for some reason this bright pink pigs butt caught my attention. I felt compelled to take this blurry picture.
Anyway we saw all kinds of farm animals but my favorite was this huge black and white cow. She is about 6 years old and just pretty if you can say that about a cow.
What kept running in my mind was the chick fil-a slogan
Eat more chikin!
Seriously twice she swung her head toward me and would give me this look.
Sorry for the blown out picture.
But this cow was perfect for the commercials!
Anyway after running around the barns checking out all the animals it was now dark enough to take some night shots of the fair.
We had a couple of problems. One is that I didn't have the right trigger release for my camera and two my kids wanted to ride more rides.
So I got a few shots of the Ferris wheel, which had some amazing colors this year, before I packed it in and bought more tickets so that the kids could ride some more rides before heading home.
Rob and I agreed that next year we should come one night without the kids so that we can take all the pictures we want and then do a family night another night.


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Anonymous said...

I love the fair....I haven't gone in a number of years, usually because I was busy, but next year i would like to go, just for the fun of it.
Expensive, oh yea. I swear they like to jack up the prices, but then go to the street fairs and they are just as bad.
The kids had fun and what great memories to have, I can never remember going to a fair until in my late enjoy yourselves!
And speaking of going to the fair...I went with your father, now not knowing that he was afraid of heights I got him on the ferrris wheel and imagine my ultimate surprise to hear him scream like a little girl when I started rocking our seat hehehehehe....I still laugh to this day, because i have No fear where heights are concerned...hey this girl has done skydiving, what could be more thrilling than that!
So Mike, if you are reading this, I can still laugh about that night, one of our first dates...what a hoot.

Off to work...have great day everyone