Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Now dang it, I was not going to start ignoring my blog again but this past week I've been getting to know my new company better.
On April 27th, I signed up to be a Park Lane jewelry Fashion Director.
jewels by park lane
To say I'm jazzed is an understatement.

Back in 2008 my mom purchased a necklace for me called Sunburst and thus began my love for Park Lane.
Now, I've come to discover that the pictures, no matter how well taken do not always do the jewelry justice and I decided to book my own party.
Ahhh, I fell in love and put on my wish list many pieces. For every order I received I got $20 in free jewelry.
At my first party I got 10 orders, and 3 bookings, this translated to me that I earned $200 in jewelry, a single choice of a selection of necklaces for $10, and instyle bracelet for free, a free ring out of the 3 ring booking section and other hostess specials and deals.
Now fast forward to the last couple of months. I wear my Park Lane jewelry ALL the time and I'm constantly get compliments on it. While I was working for Murray's Business Service I talked about the jewelry whenever I received compliments, so much so that Art, my boss, kept suggesting that I work for the company and earn money.
Also during this time I was doing some heavy praying about working, daycare and finances. I was enjoying the work that I was currently doing, and I really enjoyed the paychecks, the only drawbacks were the hours I had to work and missing my family while I did it.
I know I'm thick headed, but I continued to pray for guidance on me finding something that would allow me being able to work from home, be flexible and still bring in some money to help contribute to the family.
As work was winding down the idea for working for Park Lane grew. I continued to ask my friend Suzie questions about how things worked. I loved that there are no quotas and that for the most part I am my own boss. I finally came to the realization that I'm a seller, or as us crafters like to call it an enabler. It's what I've always done.
This is just like when I demonstrated for Provo Craft. I loved the product, I used the product and I encouraged my friends to do the same.
Park Lane is another one of my passions. Since I started wearing it I feel better about myself, more feminine, I feel complete in my wardrobe and whether I'm wearing funky, fun pieces or classic pieces I know that I look good.
So far I've held two shows as a fashion director. I'm so used to going to shows that I know a lot about the jewelry but have never concentrated on getting sales and bookings, with the buying program the company has it's hard not to get sales but I'm working on how to convey to women that if you like the jewelry it really is worth your wile to host your own party. I will say that is a party, like a bunch of girls going through moms jewelry box discovering fun, new pieces.
Since I've covered the fun I had when I had a party here is the company buying program
1. If you spend $30, you get another item from the catalog up to $30 for only $12
2. If you spend $60, you get 2 other items from the catalog up to $60 for only $12 a piece
3. If you spend $90, you get 3 other items from the catalog up to $90 for only $12 a piece.
Example, say you find a necklace for $95 that you like, but you also like the bracelet and a couple of other earrings. Take all those smaller priced items and have them add up to $95. Then you get your necklace for $12, and two more necklaces for $12 a piece. That's $285 in bonus jewelry and you are going to pay $36 plus tax. HELLO!!
Not only that but your getting more pieces that were on your list and saving money.

Another example. Kelly's teacher wanted this necklace, bracelet and earrings. The retail total was $103. I told her with this months special that she needed to pick out a few more pieces that she was interested in. The teacher picked out another set of earrings and another necklace and earrings. Here is how it worked out.
Now remember she was planning on spending $103 BEFORE tax and shipping.
Earrings $23
Earrings $17
Earrings $22
total $62
bonus items
bracelet reg $26 for $12
necklace reg $42 for $12
necklace reg $ 59 for free (the free is just the customer special this month )
(that's $127 of jewelry for $24)
her total with tax and shipping was 99.33!!
I love *giving away* jewelry!



Anonymous said...

Maybe I should be ashamed of myself for getting you started in this, but I know how different women feel when they have a little jewelry on and how much it can compliment even a tee shirt and jeans.
So, daughter I wish you all the luck, and don't let people get you down.


Anonymous said...

I need to add a comment to my earlier comment....it has been a joke in the family that there are times when i cannot afford to go shopping with Carrie...because as she said she is an enabler,but what the heck, the jewelry is beautiful and i sure like, which for anyone who has seen my closet can attest to! :)

Love to all