Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Tuesday night we went to Wyatt's Boy scout graduation.
Wyatt is currently a Bobcat working towards being a Wolf.
Off comes the orange  kerchief and hat and now we start wearing the yellow everyone is most familiar with.
Wyatt was so excited that he started taking off his kerchief before he was suppose to and was being an all around goofball.

Each boy crossing over stopped to have their picture taken by us proud parents before heading over this awesome, handmade bridge to their pack leader to get their new kerchiefs and hats.
Also each boy received a plastic ball filled with candy and patches, belt loops and beads.

 Wyatt is enjoying his time being a scout and I really hope he goes far in the organization.

I think one of the highlights of the evening was when Kelly told me and then later told Wyatt how proud she was of him.

That warmed the cockles of my heart.

 Another highlight of the graduation was a slight changing of the guard.
Dennis, the current Cubmaster,and the one seen in most of these photos, is stepping down in his position to move up with his son and help his wife run the Webelos pack.
They having been recruiting Rob for a few months now and are very excited to see him take the reins.

Last week we went to the Boy Scout store to pick out his new uniform and patches. Rob was both excited and nervous about the upcoming changes.
I know I'm gonna get roped into helping him with stuff and I wonder how this will effect me with Girl Scouts.
But that's for another time.
 Here is Dennis handing Rob the keys to the building where we meet.
I can't remember what Dennis said that had Rob roaring in laughter but we all chuckled.
After Dennis stepped aside Rob gave a short speech thanking everybody and made sure that people knew that Dennis wasn't leaving, leaving he would be around every week that they meet so that if the boys would be more comfortable
in the transition.

Marty, our committee chairperson, presented Dennis with a lovely plaque and also thanked him.

Marty also had a nice gift for Rob.
One that had all us adults rolling.
A gift that Rob might tend to agree about before next graduation...

Yep, Rob received a big ol' sucker for taking the job!

We'll see, I know Rob will do great as a Cubmaster!
Love you honey.


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