Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin Laden dead

I remember turning on the TV one morning before getting ready to work and the screen was showing one of the twin towers burning.
I remember being confused at first and listening to Diane Sawyer from Good Morning America on the roof of the building relaying all the information that they knew.
Sadly, I remember seeing people jumping from windows into the Hudson river, knowing they wouldn't survive.
I sat there on my bed and watched the two towers now both burning and wondered how the fire fighters were going to put them out.
I sat there in stunned silence when I saw the first tower fall. I cried as I saw people running down a street that was covered in ash and smoke.
For days, weeks, we the people were glued to our TVs wanting answers and demanding that the person or people who did this would be caught and punished.
One man and his organization came forward to accept the responsibility for this horrible atrocity.
This man has been our #1 most wanted person. Dead or alive.
After 10yrs, two wars and thousands of our soldiers dead this heinous man has been found and killed.
And yet it feels like such a hollow victory.
I've heard that after the shoot out our military group secured his body where they did DNA testing to make sure it was him. I've read that his body has already been buried at sea.
I still feel hollow.
I'm happy knowing he is gone and yet I know another will rise up to take his place. This is a Jihad, a holy war for some extreme Islamic groups, namely Al-qaida. My terror hasn't lessened.
This will never be over, and I'm saddened.
I guess I want the satisfaction of seeing Bin Laden alive and watch him being punished. I realize this is like how we caught Saddam Hussein and watched his hanging. That justification, the want to see this man feel an ounce of the pain he has put our people through, that is the closure I seek. Alas I won't have that but...
I do take satisfaction in knowing that he will be judged for all eternity.
That brings a smile to my face.
 May God have mercy, just a teeny, weeny, itsy bitsy bit of mercy, on his soul.

Do you want to know how I really feel? I love how much this country came together, where it felt as if we were really united. I even enjoyed some of the songs that came from this tragedy, my favorites being from Toby Keith and Alan Jackson.
My heart hurts for the people that were lost and the few who took this opportunity to disappear from their families lives. There is still a hole in the ground where the two towers stood. A memorial is in the works. It will be 10 yr this September 11th and every year on this day I hold my breath, waiting to see if someone will use the anniversary to execute another attack.
It may have taken us 10yrs to get Bin Laden but some of my favorite lines of the Toby Keith song, Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue or known as the Angry American says:
Justice will be served
And the battle will rage
This big dog will fight
When you rattle his cage
And you'll be sorry that you messed with
The U.S. of A.
'Cause we'll put a boot in your ass
It's the American way

Yep, this sums it up perfectly.


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Anonymous said...

I can recall getting ready for work and David calling me as i watched transfixed to the TV, my words after the first plane..."this isn't over, there will be more" within minutes more diaster came across the networks, more planes...more people killed.
A little while later, the anger set dare they!
Then Bin Laden steps forward and claims that his group are responsible......the hunt begins!!!

WE are a very stubborn country, very determined, and We will succeed. It's taken us 10 years, thousands of lives lost and millions of dollars spent, but we never gave up the search, never gave up the responsibility of holding those responsible for destroying all those lives and Now justice has won. Will someone take his place, you bet, and it will start all over again......
So I say to those considering these actions, who are you to decide who lives or who dies. I don't care your religion or beliefs, time takes care of all things. Haven't enough lives been lost, been sacrificed? For me, I would like to see some peace in this world, a time of forgiving, a time to step forward and say "NO MORE" I'm tired of the hate, and discontent.It's time to give forgiveness...maybe not a time to forget, but then after all we are only human beings.........

May peace reside