Tuesday, May 03, 2011

With all that has been going on not only in my little world but the big world, I didn't announce to everyone that the one thing that I have been dreaming about and trying to save for has finally arrived.
I am now the proud new owner of the Canon 7D!!

Now do you want to know all the drama it has taken me to get this camera? Mind you the drama is still going on.

Get something to drink, maybe some popcorn and get comfy, this might get long. This will be your only warning.
Let's begin...
When I was working for the accountant I talked to some of the clients that were also interested in photography and at least two of them mentioned that I should look at eBay for buying my camera. So that night I searched and found a seller that had a return policy and would only take pay pal, for my protection and his, and would send a tracking number as soon as the item was sent. Thinking this sounded legit I placed a bid on a camera.
On 2/27 I won the bidding at $1375, almost 3 paychecks worth. 10 minutes after the time was up I sent my payment via pay pal. I checked daily to see if the camera had shipped. By the end of the week I emailed the seller asking when he was shipping. He stated that he had a death in the family and his assistant would mail it out, if I didn't have the camera by Friday let him know. So again I checked daily for a tracking number. That next Monday I lost it. I sent him an email stating that I wanted a tracking number or I was going to take this to eBay.
The seller apologized profusely and gave this sad story and said that he would refund me $20 and ship the camera. I agreed and by Friday I hadn't heard anything from the seller including a tracking number. I filed a report with eBay and they stepped in. The seller agreed to give me a refund so eBay closed my case. 3 weeks go by as I wait for the sellers refund to process through pay pal. After the second time it failed pay pal will no longer try to collect, this left me with going back to eBay and opening another case. eBay's buyer protection states that if, as in this case, a seller fails to give a refund, then eBay will refund the selling price and thus going after the wayward seller.
Now, here is where I'm at I was told that it would take 7-10 business days to put the money back into my pay pal account. At the 10 day mark I called eBay and was told to give it until Friday. Last Monday I called and spoke to another person, and yes I'm keeping track, this person sent in a payment something or other and said I should see the money in 48-72 hours. On the last day, which was this past Friday I received an email stating that eBay needed more time to investigate.
Seriously!! WTF!!
I have given them full access to my messages so that they can see that I have never stepped out of line or committed any crime.
I just want my freaking money back.
Thank you if you have read all of this. I'll be calling eBay again today to light a fire.
When this seller flaked and I was told I would be getting my money back I borrowed money from savings with the intention of putting in back when this fiasco was settled so that I could get my camera now because the price was going up.
Now I'm waiting on $1300 to put back in the savings account.
**As of May 8th the money has been returned to my paypal account, Yippeee!

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