Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Earlier yesterday I was somewhat kicking myself think how I have short changed my kids yet again this summer.
When the TV is on there is a constant barrage of ads for Disney which always gets all the kids going, but there are also ads for San Diego and Sea World. All places I would love to take my kids and I'm sure one day we will but, this got me to thinking about the things we have done so far this summer.  
Our not so bummer summer.
We've had Kelly's year end ceremony from girl scouts,
Baseball games with Wyatt
 soccer games with Kelly,
watching Baby Bryson a couple of days a week,
going with the boy scouts to see the Tucson Padres play, also where I got hit in the forearm trying to catch a pop fly foul ball one handed while my camera was in the right hand.
Let's see we have gone fishing with Dad and Mr. Marty,
 we went to the cheap movies and saw RIO, really cute movie, playing so hard that Chelsea fell asleep at dinner.

 We have done some crafts, gone to Grandmas to play in the kiddy pool.
This is just the first few weeks! I haven't posted about Fathers Day or the things we have planned for the rest of the summer.
I really don't need to be hard on myself, I think my kids are having a great summer so far, would I like to take a road trip, heck yeah. I'm going to by the Arizona Highways book on the back roads and I think we are going to explore this wonderful state we live in.


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Anonymous said...

You know, it's especially hard when kids hear about what other kids are doing...trips to San Diego, Disneyland or Disneyworld, Seaworld, which i have been too and its great. But I remember that when you kids were growing up that there never seemed to be enough money to take trips...and we would get the same problems you are now. Its hard when finances are tight to do the things you want, in fact last year we talked about this very thing, where all of us would take a road trip to California and go to Seaworld. Disneyland wouldn't be on the agenda because of Savannnah being so small. Then I got the house and those dreams got put on the back burner.
I really hate when I have to do that!
Don't get me wrong, I love my house and wouldn't change that, I just wish I had a few thousand sitting around, not needed, so we could do this. So, I will think about this, maybe do a little planning and see what next year brings.

Love to all