Thursday, June 16, 2011

I had nothing but good intentions for yesterday, indeed I did, but my body betrayed me and I ended up being in the hospital most of yesterday morning.
The story goes like this:
I woke up at 4:30 with a pain in my right lower back. I used the bathroom and tried to lay back down. No matter how I lay nothing was comfortable so I got up and walked laps around my house as the pain continued to increase. I came back to the bedroom and Rob is asking me where it hurts and do I want him to skip his morning bike ride.
I feel terrible but I said yes. After another ten minutes the pain is still getting stronger. I finally cave because I've never had this much pain before and I was scared. I asked Rob to call his mom and for him to take me to the hospital. By now it's just past 5am. I'm sitting on the couch waiting for Rob to finish getting dressed and for his mom to come over and I'm not sure if I'm gonna pass out or throw up from the pain.
Just that feeling was freaking me out. I've never been in the much pain to feel like fainting or passing out.
Just as his mom pulled into the driveway I went running to throw up. Nothing in my stomach, but up it came anyway.
We drove to the emergency where I was immediately ushered into triage and asked the normal barrage of questions. The pain is intense and I'm hunched over and crying. I'm taken by wheel chair to a bed where I continue to writhe and cry. 15 minutes later a doctor comes in and asks some questions and pokes me and announces that he is pretty sure it is kidney stones.
That's it?
Seriously, that much pain for kidney stones?
A nurse comes in to start an IV and administer some medication before I'm taken in for a CT scan.
I'm hard to poke anyway but my left arm has a couple of bruises from her digging around trying to find a vein. Third time was the charm when she hit a vein in my right arm.
I was asked again about any allergies or issues with medications. I stated that I don't like morphine and wouldn't you know that is what the doctor ordered. Thankfully she administered it very slowly so I didn't have most of the effects that I've had before.
We later tried to count how many times I was asked if I was pregnant. This is very important knowledge if your about to be scanned. Considering that my tubes are tied and aunt Flo was visiting I would say my pregnancy chances were nil.
Later I was taken in for a CT scan and then wheeled back to Rob who was being so patient and sat beside me playing Angry birds while I tried to doze.
A different doctor came in to read me the results of the CT scan.
Not only do I have a kidney stone, which thankfully was about to enter my bladder but that I have several more to come, and not only in my right side but my left side too.
Do you want to hear what else?
I also have gall stones! They are not inflamed yet and not bothering me but they are there and ready to go.
Just great.
I ended up finally leaving the hospital after 10:30am, we stopped by the drug store to drop off my prescriptions and I came home to rest.
I felt like such a sissy when I found out it was just kidney stones, but I have never, I mean NEVER experienced that kind of pain before.
My sympathies to everyone out there who has ever experienced that pain before. I totally get it now.
I must say I don't do well when I have taken pain medicine. After the morphine faded I had the worst headache yesterday afternoon and evening and when the pain started last night I took a percoset and this morning I still feel out of it and tired. I will only use these when I absolutely need to.
So today we start again, I have things to do and little people to take care of. Thankfully I'm in no pain and hope not to be in any pain for a while.


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Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to admit that when you started having pains about a week or so ago I told you it was your kidneys. Wasn't going to try to hazard a guess on what was going on, but I had thoughts in this direction, telling you to drink lots of water. So when ROb called me that morning and told me where the pain was, well that clinched it. So off I headed.

So glad your doing better, lets hope these pass fast and that you never have them again