Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Cricut Addiction

 I think I'm seriously addicted to owning Cricut cartridges.
Please don't tell my mom, okay? I don't want her to try and stop me.
Granted she can be as bad as I am but still if it wasn't for me she would probably only have about 20 carts.
Factor in me having a gypsy and my addiction goes through the roof. The carts are uploaded to gypsy and then stored at mom's house, a win-win situation.
This month Cricut, aka Provo Craft, has so many new carts to announce that they are having 3 Hello Thursday's this month.
Last Thursday they announced four new lite carts and a cart exclusive to HSN.
Out of the 4 lite carts I really like 3 and out of those 3, mom and I purchased 2.
Now what does this have to do with my supposed addiction?
Let me explain, yesterday I had to make a new list of all our cricut carts because the last list got left behind when we switched computers.
So I started up my gypsy and went into the all carts list, knowing that I may have forgotten to upload a cart or two and I started typing, and typing.
To be smart I put everything in numerical order and alphabetized and in colums. The end result had me questioning, however briefly, my sanity and need for cricut carts.
Now the total is no where near what other peoples are, but still it's enough to make some people look twice at me.
My other guilty thought is that I have more than a few carts that I have never even used, the intentions and ideas are there but I haven't cut a single thing out with them yet.
After contemplating this for a few minutes and remembering that other cricut lovers have this same issue, I have decided, like others before me, to challenge myself to use every cartridge at least once.
This is going to take a while.
This might also help me with my overall scrapbooking anyway because I bought some of these carts with certain images in mind and have yet to neither print out the pictures and thus not completing the page.

Now why did I post these pictures of these two cricut carts.
Well the first cart, 9 months, was released last Thursday and one that I ordered today.
Now I can get my pregnancy photos scrapped.
This image is from my absolute favorite cartridge Create a Critter.
I have thoughts of cards, layouts and mini albums dancing through my head whenever I look at all my carts but I haven't cut much lately.
I read a quote today from Walt Disney that really smacked me upside the head, and words we should all live by.
Walt said, "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."
I guess I better get busy.
I have 144 carts as of today to go through.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you are. Though I am trying to be more discriminating, I find myself attracted to designs that i know I will love using....someday.

20 cartidges, I don't think so. But my problem is the visual, I love the fact that cricut shows ideas, that helps me alot. So while i may not have had this many, you have to admit that I have wanted quite a few. So, lets keep our heads and not go over board.....yea right!