Thursday, June 02, 2011

Summer vacation has started around here and while some moments have been tough our daily time table has been going nicely.
Daily timetable, what's that?
just before school let out I made a list of things to do daily and weekly with the kids to help stave off some of the boredom that we experienced last year.
The kids have cartoon time during the morning just for a hour or less, then they have to play outside or we go to a park. This can also include running errands. then we try to do something crafty or school like.
next up is lunch and I even have that planned out for the week and it is open to new things or substitutions. We then can have some quiet reading time for at least an hour. This is the time that I try, with no success so far, to get Chelsea to take a nap. After the hour is up the kids can have a 1/2 hour each of time on the computer. They are also allowed one movie a day.
Except with the attitude I've been getting from the kids about cleaning up after themselves it has been working out rather well. Of course this is the first full week off school so of course it should be going well.

Oh and because I'm sure you are wondering what this picture has to do with this post, it doesn't, I took this picture on Saturday when I was taking the pictures for the 90th birthday party.

the party was held at the Tea Room at Tohono Chul park in the northwest side of town. What a beautiful place. Architecturally it has some quirks that makes it special with tiled alcoves, theses tiled stairs, the ivy covered arches that lead into the front patio area. Then you enter into a quaint little restaurant with picture windows and a fireplace. Out back is more patio seating with a nature trail filled with bright flowers and shrubs. Expect to see quail, hummingbirds and butterflies galore. The tea room is a jewel set inside of a park. the only such type of place that I know of here in Tucson.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say again how very much we all appreciated the pictures you took.
As dear Sidney said "that was some shindig" the staff was very nice and accomodating, guests were nice and friendly and of course we were just wonderful.
So many people want us to have his 95th there....
I can't remember how many people told me how nice of a daughter i had, but of course i already knew that

have a wonderful day
mom aka nina

Anonymous said...

Some people have asked me 'Who's birthday was this for"
answer: Dr. Sidney Levy, friend of mine, who had a birthday over Memorial weekend....a big "90"

People came from all over the states, Sidney has taught both at Northwest and here at U of A as a professor of marketing. He gives lectures all over the world and is also an author of several marketing books.

To this day he still goes to work, and still lectures.

Way to go Sidney.....

ma aka nina aka yvonne