Friday, June 10, 2011

 This week we had our final girl scout meeting and gave the girls their awards.
Kelly was one of the outgoing brownies that got to do the flag ceremony.
Kelly was a bit nervous about doing this in front of all the parents because the girls hadn't practiced in a couple of weeks but they all did well.

I was running around a bit ragged on Monday getting things ready and thankfully I did.
I talked to the leader about picking up some more patches and once she said yes I headed to the girl scout store.
Sadly the girls have only earned 3 try it patches and their 4 journey key patches, but I found 3 more fun patches they could add to their vests. One is for the flag ceremony, one is either for re dedication or investiture and the final is for our zoo visit.
Hopefully this will make some of the parents and girls happier.
This has been a rough year for our Brownie troop. The leader was very disorganized and she told me about a month ago that since I didn't complain enough she thought everything was okay. Seriously, really?
She also said that she had failed the girls, she didn't mentor me like she wanted, and it was all coming to bite her in the butt. Yep, it was. Sadly, I really don't think it will make a difference for the girls next year.
Also...this is classic, a young woman and her mother stopped by our troop the last couple of meetings and were there for our ceremony/party this past Monday. I find out during the ceremony toward the end that the young woman is coming into brownies and the mom is going to be the new junior leader.
Why is this classic? I had talked repeated with our leader that I didn't want to be the junior leader but would love to continue on with being the co leader.
Our leader never told me or introduced me to the new junior leader!
Communication works wonders lady!
So after the announcement I went up to her and introduced myself and talked to her about being her co leader and mentioned the other moms, whom I had already been in talks with, about helping out with the troop.
I was so flipping frustrated, especially since this new junior leader heard me talking with the other moms about starting our own junior troop and how we wanted to run things with the girls.
But it's over now and hopefully we can move forward and have a great junior troop.
I have quite a bit to scrapbook before we start juniors.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm glad kelly is out of her troop, the poor kid has not been happy with the troop for some time and i will lay the blame right square with Ms. Lyn.
One of the best things is working on patches, the girls get excited which in turn gives them focus to continue working....Ms. Lyn failed on all counts. I mean "please" the woman has had her own troop for how long?
So Ms. Kelly....enjoy girl scouts, there will be lots you can do that you couldn't in Brownies and HAVE FUN.