Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Wyatt!

 Oh my goodness, this boy! I swear he can be the easiest to please.
This year Wyatt wanted another Toy Story birthday party, it would be his third in fact but Nina was out shopping and spied some Cars 2 party ware on clearance and she picked them up. I asked Wyatt if this was OK and he said sure.
For the last month he has informed us what he wanted for his birthday and thankfully we were able to comply.
Wyatt wanted a watch but mostly he wanted a Super Mario Bros game.
As I later stated on Facebook we have officially entered the video game years, Lord have some mercy on us.
We had a small party with cupcakes and ice cream, Wyatt tore thru his presents lickety split and then him and all the boys ran into his room to start to put the various Lego sets together. It was a nice, relaxed party and one where even us adults had some time to talk.

It has been a busy summer this year and for one I am very thankful. This past Saturday we went with the boy scouts to a horse ranch to earn their segment and belt loop, even Kelly has earned a girl scout patch.
Anyway, I forgot my camera. I know shoot me! I used Rob's phone to take all the pictures but we haven't had time to take them off his phone and put them on the computer.
I am so proud of my kids. I'll post more on the horseback riding later. Today is all about my little guy.
So here is 7 things for Wyatt's 7th Birthday
1. He is very compassionate
2. He can be very dramatic
3. He has started to try foods that he always refused before
4. He loves cub scouts
5. He is not a fan of his little sister, right now, there is always hope :)
6. He is helpful
7. My boy loves chocolate!

In a couple of weeks he'll be starting second grade. As a parent it really boggles my mind to watch my kids grow and change. It really does go by so fast.
Last week Wyatt floored me when he asked to take a bite of my bowl of cottage cheese. After his first bite I thought that would be it, instead he went ahead and finished my bowl.
Happy Birthday Wy, I pray that this will be a great year for you!
Love you,
mom and dad


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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, our little man. He continually amazes me, the changes that he is going through, he loves to play on the computer, still needs to learn patience ( he really has absolutely none) realize that his little sister is here to stay and know that as she gets older it will get better. He loves hugs and kisses...tells me he loves me and is not afraid to show his affection, which I hope he never loses. He can be very emotional,and yes he loves cubscouts, lego's, WII and I will admit I was really suirprised to find he liked Mario MB has been around since my kids were his age, how weird is that.
SO Happy Birthday again bud, I pray that this year brings all good things to you, that you continue to explore and learn and stay the happy kid you are.

Love you