Thursday, July 07, 2011

 I will be honest and say that this last week has been a rough week.
Last Wednesday I ended up getting a emergency root canal, since then, for some reason, I keep getting migraines.
I haven't had a migraine in years, lots of years. I've had 3 since last week. It has been horrible and almost ruined my 4th of July.
I feel like my head is on a hair trigger and I don't like it.

 We did up having a nice 4th though.
 We headed up to the foothills to hang out with Rob's friend Marty and all his family.
The Amplo family compound is perfect for parties. They have a view of the city from the driveway, an acre of land that butts up against the Catalina Mt's, a pool, BBQ grill and sidewalk chalk.
Yes, chalk. I'll get to it later
The 4th in Tucson was a bit muted this year. Most fireworks were banned and several venues cancelled their firework celebrations. To top it off we got one heck of a storm here on the east side
that knocked down trees and ripped off roofs.
The only fireworks allowed in the city were smoke bombs and sparklers.
It was an old fashioned fourth and the kids loved it.

We showed up shortly before the storm hit and we brought along some macaroni salad and Rob's near famous ribs.
I love Rob's ribs,  I was really hoping to have a couple left over to bring home but there was nothing left, but we had some great grilled corn and for dessert Marty's brother made some awesome chocolate dipped cream puffs.
Anyway, the kids got to go swimming before and after the storm they also took the side walk chalk and drew on the block walls. Since the walls were damp the chalk colors came out super bright. On part of the wall Marty traced each kid that was there, lets just say there were a lot of kids. The kids had a ton of fun and all got along and no one got hurt. Yep, it was good.
We had great conversation and a great time.


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Anonymous said...

You know I'm wondering if the combination of dentist work and the high pressure system in the area could be contributing to the migraines. Hope they stop for you.

Glad you all had a good time with Marty's family, for me it was Mikey's steak...he has also turned into a fantastic cook...who would have figured all those years ago that my son would be fantastic in the kitchen and to top it all off he cleans too.

Love to all