Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have been working on my creativity lately.
What does that look like?
Well for me in has been spending way too much time on Pinterest.
Yes, I have joined the time sucking inspiration of Pinterest.
So that future generations will understand what I'm talking about let me quickly explain what Pinterest  lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan parties, home decor, food etc.
After everything I had read I decided to check it out.
Now the benefit is that my favorites list on my computer is going to much shorter, which in turn will make Rob happier because it is all kept somewhat organized on Pinterest.
This afternoon I made a shopping list for the projects that I want to work on. I have found great ideas for babies, birthday and holidays.
Now what does this picture have to do with Pinterest? Chelsea was sitting on my lap as I was scrolling along and she kept seeing women in these beautiful full dresses. Lately, Chelsea loves to dress up so she goes into the closet and pulls out on of Kelly's dresses, this particular dress Kelly wore to her Uncle Mikey's wedding. Next thing I know Chelsea is walking out in it and asking me to tie the sash. She looked so darling that I had to take pictures and right now our grass is a wee bit overgrown and perfect for a photo shoot. We had some fun and I trashed my newly polished toenails but it was very much worth it.
What else have I been up to? Last night we got a cool lightning storm and I, wait for it....went out and took pictures.

Surprising I know. I got 13 shots that are pretty good but this shot was one of my favorites.
I sent it out to our local station that is always asking for weather pictures and they didn't show it. This is the third time with no TV love.
At least I got some Facebook love.
What else has been going on??
I have been working on the scrap room which unfortunately is looking more like the crap room right this minute. After this weekend I'll be able to spend more time getting it organized.
I also want to start making the living room quilt and pillows next week.
You know, the project that has been on my list since last year. Yeah, I'm finally going to get it going.
Let's see...Monday night was our first Junior Girl Scout meeting. It went fantastic. This year is looking great. Monday night the girls got to make journals and I'll have to take a picture of Kelly's. Its all very simple, some chipboard covered in scrapbook paper and decorated with 20 sheets of card stock and then bound with my cinch.
this coming Monday we are doing a girls scout birthday party where each girl gets to decorate a giant cupcake. That is something I will take pictures of.
Another thunderstorm is coming in but it's still too bright out to take pictures, but for safety I should shut down the computer.

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