Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Last night was one of those awesome, fabulous, spectacular, phenomenal lightning nights.
I took over a hundred photos. Which is actually very low except that there was lightning everywhere. The great part though was because it stayed mostly on the mountain I didn't have to worry about being rained on.
The lightning was so constant that I was even willing to try longer exposures on my camera to see how she did.
I think this photo was a 3 minute shot. I think it's one of my favorites from last night.
I started out taking photos from the east side facing the Rincon Mt's, when that petered out I headed south where it was going crazy. I set up facing the Wilmot Prison and did some one minute exposures but then I drove to the end of the road and set up.
I even tried to do a panoramic that I need to stitch together in photoshop.
About 10pm I headed home and on the way it started lightning right around my house. So I set up in my driveway and took some shots. I finally headed to bed at 11 and the lightning was still going.
Heck, I woke up at 4:15am and we still had lightning. I took one shot and then went back to bed.
I posted my best shots on our local Channel 4 and the AZ Daily star newspaper. Who knows I might be seen at noon or I could be in the paper again.
I'm not gonna hold my breathe though because a lot of people got great shots last night.
It was one of those nights that sustain me the rest of the year.

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Anonymous said...

Totally awesome shot. So cool seeing soooo many lightening bolts coming in one area.