Friday, September 09, 2011

Where in the world has Carrie been?
Well this past Labor Day weekend we joined the cub scouts for a family camp out up in Winkleman, AZ.
It's a nice setting for a camp out when the temps are NOT over 100 degrees.
Lordy be was it HOT!!
Each night got progressively better but mid day was horrible.
There was one benefit though... the campground had outdoor showers with awesome water pressure!
Every evening and morning we cleaned up and cooled off in those showers with the vultures overhead and the cows milling around.
Yes, I said cows.
When we pulled in Friday night there were cows walking around the camp grounds, later that night, cause you know you never sleep well the first night, I heard the cows lowing, a couple of owls hooting and a couple of raccoons fighting, oh and a rooster crowing.
Yep, I really didn't sleep well that night.
We came home Sunday night and unloaded and relaxed Monday. I like to camp but man do I love my own bed, who doesn't right?
Getting back to normal leads me back to my fascination with Pinterest. I had seen this idea someone posted and repinned hundreds of times and since I love color and crayola crayons I thought I would give it a try and then add it to my scrap room wall.
I used two 24 packs of crayons and weeded out the ones I didn't want to use like apricot, brown, gray, black and white. The last three I have plans for. Anyway I super glued the crayons down on a 12x16 canvas I purchased at Joann's for 50% off.
I first tried to use my heat gun to melt them but i highly suggest you don't. The crayon tends to splatter everywhere.
Now who knows maybe I'll try again to see what cool concoction I can come up with in crayon splatter.
Back to the instructions. I ran to get my hairdryer and that works so much better. One of the things I really liked when doing this was that if I felt I needed more color here or there or I wanted the color to reach the end I just had to heat the crayon up again. It was fast fun and easy to do and I'm going to try a few more. One with the black, white and gray crayons and one with 48 crayons to achieve more color.

So yesterday I'm taking off my current polish when Chelsea asks me to put on purple. I let her know that mommy didn't want to wear purple that I wanted to try a new lime green color I had just purchased.
Now normally when I paint my toes I paint hers. Well she didn't like what I was going to use. Nope, Chelsea decided to go into my bathroom and find another color. She sat on the bathroom floor and proceeded to paint her own toes.
After taking my polish off I realized that little miss was not in the room and it was quiet so I took off calling her name and knowing what I was going to find.
I'm still having trouble getting the pink off her toes and there is still the blue which we hadn't taken off yet either.
Now get this, when she saw my lime green toes she got upset and asked me to paint her toes green too! Maybe I should leave the pink on and just try painting over it in green. Who knows could start a trend :)
Our family is headed for another busy weekend but there is a silver lining.... FOOTBALL!!!
Sunday afternoons snuggled on the couch watching the boys beat up on each other.
Yep, I'm happy

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Anonymous said...

As I was sitting here reading your post Ms. Chelsea comes in and "are those my toes?" yep, so she is sitting on my lap and I'm reading to her what mommy had said. After I finished reading she wanted down, so now she is off terrorizing her brother and sister. You know it was funny, Kelly and Wyatt were already up and Kelly was playing with the littliest petshop animals....when Chelsea sat down beside her, Kelly says "ohhh boy, here we go again" I have to laugh, because Ms. C. has been into everything....I mean no one is safe. AHH, well that is life, and I will miss these times of play and adventure AND the boundless energy that child has.