Thursday, December 08, 2011

 I knew that I had missed a few days but gee whiz, almost a month has gone bye.
Lets see, we have had soccer games, scouts, thanksgiving, stressing over buying Christmas presents.
I had gall bladder surgery and threw my back out on the 28th of Nov. The surgery went great and I was able to get up the next morning and join my friend Annette and take our kids' school photos for the next three days.
I have come to realize that I cannot take percocet without getting sick and I hate outpatient surgery.
I know this all sounds so random but I think it is because, as usual, I have much catching up to do.
I'll start from Thanksgiving.
We had turkey day at my mom's, and it was such a nice day. The kids and grandma's ate outside and the rest of us ate inside and watched the football game.
We went through the ads and discussed Black Friday horror stories, all of us agreeing there wasn't anything worth going out for.
I had an idea that will have to be put off until next year about taking family favorite recipes and pictures of those recipes and making a family cookbook. I was also hoping to incorporate hand written recipes in jpeg form into the book.
Unfortunately, it is a bigger time consumer and right now I can't do it justice. This gives me plenty of time over the course of next year to get it done right. I fell this project is one that will be much loved and passed on by all of us.
So Mom, I know you are reading this and that is why I was asking for some family recipes and, as of right now I still don't have any from you! (and I asked her before Thanksgiving!)
I have about given up on making Christmas cards to send this year, I'm just in this bah humbug mood.
My craft room is destroyed and I just get frustrated every time I go in there. Even more frustrating is that I have all these projects that I want to do, that are in various stages, and they are beginning to get mixed up. I need a day where I can pull some stuff out and really get it organized and purge. I need to make my project board to stay organized and just get it done!
Last week when we were taking pictures one of the schools' teaching assistants came in to let me know she saw one of my photos on the morning news! It was a surprise for me because I had sent that photo in over a week ago and had given up waiting to see it.
Let see, what else.
I finished up one of my stools the other day and boy was that a learning process. I'm not a professional by any means and you can certainly tell by looking at my stool but the darn thing is comfy to sit on. The kids like to pull it up to the computer desk while they watch each other play games.
My brain has come to a stand still so it means I have to stop for now. I'll be a better blogger eventually.

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Anonymous said...

Well daughter, it is about blasted time that you did some updating....thank you.
Ok, you have the right to blast me for not getting recipes to you, totally my fault. Now the problem was and is, as I went through mom's recipes and grandma per's I got totally involved....memories, so many memories. Some of those recipes were given to me at my bridal shower from different family members and friends. And then there are recipes from my aunt and cousins. So I have some picked out, you told me to do just a few and it was so hard to decide.
So I apologize and I'll get them together and get them to you...and maybe this is for the best, that way you can take your time and enjoy them as much as I have.
And while I'm aplogizing, let me remind you that I asked you for your cookie recipe several weeks ago so that I can get started in baking for my here's the challenge...either give up the recipe or I'll go pick up the ingredients and you put it together. Your choice daughter of mine!
On the flipside, I really loved having the family at my house. Thank you all. It has taken me so long to get to this point, that I'm really loving it. A home that I'm proud of and can enjoy having people over.

Love you